Drama Booster Meetings

Minutes from each Booster meeting will be posted here.

Booster Meeting, December 4th, 2018

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6:30 p.m.

ATTENDANCE: Krissy Brown, Beth Ramsey, Scott Jones, John Hankinson, Kathleen
Follett, Heather Giandrea, Lisa Gove, Robin Sidders, Katie Dexter, Erin Farnham, Dan
Panici, Keith Bubblo.

Thank you notes for ad sales were discussed. It was decided that we would use a picture
of the group and write the thank you on the back. Thank you notes to sponsors are
already out. Advertiser thank you notes are not out yet.

We have a debit card now to make things easier for deposits and purchases.
Pat’s Pizza Night was a success. Good feedback regarding ordering the food in advance.
Tour of the PAC (GCA) was successful. The students were amazed and thrilled.
Problem: small costume room.

What do we need to purchase for the GCA:
• The most urgent thing is storage. We need a lot of storage in the
costume/prop space. We will have to build it.
John Hankinson stated that his company might be able to help with the
storage issues
Idea: Perhaps we can get the Eagle Scouts to help.

• We need tools for the shop. (i.e. Table saw). We also need a drill press
and a chop saw. The school administration won’t let us use used things
due to safety concerns.

• We also don’t have any follow spotlights. We need two (cost: $500-
$5000). Liz believes that the spots we need are about $2000 each.

• We need an area for concessions.

• We need some clothing racks.

• Kevin Rollins wanted us to know that we may not have enough lighting
Everything is wired for LEDs so we need adapter boxes to use the old

• It was noted that we could still use the old lights for dance performances
as they often light from the sides of the stage.


A financial summary was passed out. See specifics on summary report.

John Hankinson asked what are chances are to be able to talk to
Foundation 51 for a grant we might need. Grants come through in the fall
and spring. We notes that perhaps this is how we could get things like
spotlights with the Boosters covering other costs (i.e. Storage, etc.)


Almost, Maine was awesome. The kids felt prepared and comfortable. It
was different as the kids were more supportive to each other. It helped
that there weren’t any leads in the play. They were also good at critiquing
each other. Liz thanked everyone that helped.

Other input on Almost, Maine: The northern lights were wonderful and
the music between the scenes was perfect.

A short discussion took place regarding when to have the musical and
when to have the straight drama show in the future. Liz also brought up
the One Act festivals and the possibility of bringing this back to GHS in
the future.

• Kids have a meeting tomorrow where they will get music and lines for auditions.
Auditions will run Dec. 17-19.
Day 1 of Auditions: Dance and open stage to work with each other.
Day 2 of Auditions: Singing and reading lines
Day 3 of Auditions: More dancing and callbacks.

• After all high school students are casted we may fill in parts with community
members and staff (specifically 4 men).

• Cost : Near $15,000

• Liz wants to get an email out to students who have not been in drama in the past.
A list went around the group for names of students.

• Lisa Gove brought up the possibility of someone sponsoring the musicians.
Maria Edwards (Norway Savings Bank) is excited about us and we are hoping she
will consider sponsoring musicians in the pit. It was mentioned that the Cook
family might also be interested in this.

• We filled 88% of jobs for Almost, Maine.

• Problems with an inaccurate email going out.

• We discussed the possibility of getting Greely water bottles for the kids to have
backstage as there are water bottle refill stations near the green room.

• John Hankinson asked what is being planned in late January for the
Community Wide Open House for the GCA. Questions on if middle
school students will be involved. Answer not known.

•ADVERTISING: Lisa wants to get things started a couple of weeks earlier than
usual. It was set up as having the big push this fall but we can still push for more
in the spring.

• Krissy stated we need to start recruiting to fill positions and should look into the
8th and 9th grade families. She was surprised not many people showed up for the
first initial meeting in the fall. Perhaps it was because it was a Sunday.

• We should create a prioritized needs/wish list with expenses. Kevin Rollins will
find out tomorrow when we can go into the shop to start building things. We
need to start doing research on what we need. Liz said she might not know our
needs until we actually get into the space. It was agreed that the most urgent need
is storage.

• COSTUMES: Brenda said costuming was easy for Almost, Maine. She is
looking forward to working on West Side Story.

Respectfully submitted,
Robin Sidders
Boosters Secretary

Booster Meeting, November 7th, 2018

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Cast Party – 11/20, Host: Sarchi (7:00 - 11:00 pm).

  • Cell phone coverage not good. Kristi will share phone number in case parents need to call.
  • Last year – Pizza. Cut back on food provided – there was too much leftover last year.

New Officers

  • Many officers are Senior parents. Several positions will need to be filled for Fall 2019.
  • 8th grade/freshman parents: It has been communicated that we need new booster members 
  • Catherine Stine will do Ticket Sales (will train with Mary McDonald)
  • Keith Bubblo will be Treasurer again next year
  • Katie Dexter has volunteered to take on something (TBD)
  • We should plan a recruitment announcement after West Side Story (spring show).
  • There was an announcement to kids at dress rehearsal to spread the word that we need families that are interested in helping to reach out to Greely Drama Boosters.

Almost, Maine – To Do’s

  • Need ticket seller for Tuesday, 11/13, during lunches (all set - Mary McDonald)
  • Michelle Josephson will do locker decorating for Almost, Maine but will not do West Side Story.
  • Emily Pershing – She has been updating the website (ongoing). She also helped Lisa/Liz proof the program. We will give her 2 complimentary tickets (good for any night). Webmaster edit: so generous--thank you so much!!!
  • Show is going well per Liz. Working on final touches.
  • Put out a request out for more trees – people are responding! Does anyone have bins with covers to store the trees in? Most were left for us as standing or in bags.
  • Costumes - all set
  • Tech day - pizza and donated salads 
  • Brian Gilbert t-shirts – any orders?
  • Kevin asked that strike be focused. Kids are assigned tasks and parents should wait to see what’s left after the kids do what they’ve been asked to do. Kids get emotional when it’s gone too fast.
    • After strike Greely Drama is moving all to GCA – will need a lot of help with the move. Liz & Kevin will be in touch about what is needed for the move (trucks, etc.)
    • There are 20-30 racks for costumes. The space is not as big as they thought it was going to be – sheet-rocked in instead of left open. John Hankinson mention it was probably due to fire code.


  • Question posed to group (Krissy Brown):  Do those working concessions watch the show for free? What is Boosters past experience with this? Decision after discussion: Working start to finish – YES; Short shift – NO
  • Sign-up did not have donations for Saturday – will wait to see what’s left over from Thurs/Friday.
  • Concessions & Tickets Cash Boxes
  • Keith Bubblo has spoken to Mary McDonald about cash needed for Almost, Maine
  • Protocol for counting money at end of each performance 
    • At least 2 people needed to count money 
    • Carrie Burnsteel will take $200 for next night’s concessions sales then Keith Bubblo (Treasurer) and/or Krissy Brown (President) will take remainder to the bank and deposit.
  • Tickets: Heather Giandrea & Mary McDonald did last year. Completed forms for ticket sales after each performance. Both counted, sealed and signed off.
  • Concessions: Carrie Burnsteel – 2 people counted, signed envelope and gave to Liz Rollins.
    • Protocol - Counted twice, labeled by day sold, sealed and signed over seal
    • Per Kevin Rollins – There is no reason for concessions box to be locked in school office. Last year we did this to ensure safe place for storing funds over the weekend.
    • Keith Bubblo (Treasurer) will take cash box from Concessions and do bank drop box each night. The concessions cash box ($200) will be kept by concessions leader (Carrie Burnsteel) overnight after each performance. For Almost, Maine, Carrie is not available so Keith Bubblo (Treasurer) will take the cash box overnight when Carrie is not able.

Bank Account

  • Krissy Brown spoke to the bank about getting a debit card for Greely Drama Boosters account for more convenience re: deposits, withdrawals. She will work with Keith Bubblo regarding protocol for Treasurer. 

Ticket Giveaway Idea

  • Krissy Brown presented idea for West Side Story ticket giveaway (like a 50/50 raffle) at performances. Keith Bubblo said he has a roll of tickets. The boosters were not totally in favor and the idea was tabled.
  • Carrie - is it gambling? We should find out.
  • We could hold a free drawing at the library, town hall or other spot that has high traffic.

Potential Sponsors

  • Keith Bubblo will contact Greely Center for the Arts builder and architect to see if either company will be willing to sponsor West Side Story. This topic was re-visited from past Booster meeting – Still pending.


  • John Hankinson – submitted Scarborough High School show program and ticket as examples. Ticket shows spot where advertiser can put an ad
  • Greely Center for the Arts – ticketing will probably be handled by manager of GCA. Need to talk to them about the process.

Halloween Fundraiser – WOW!

  • Successful!
  • Takeaways:
    • Concessions at the end instead of during – would probably sell better. Bother with them at all?
    • It was great to hold it in enclosed area instead of outside
    • We should advertise earlier – need more prep time.
    • We should focus on one or the other – scary walk or Fairy Tale Walk.
    • If we do both – do on separate days (too exhausting to do both in one day)
    • Some kids went more than once – can we control this? Ran out of candy – twice!
    • Need to control Tuttle Road side door – people kept letting folks in that way.
    • Most people said they heard about it via Facebook and/Library
    • Should market on all Family-Mommy Networks in area to spread the word
    • Fitting that Fire Dept came – It was Fire Prevention Month
    • Next year have a photographer taking pics of characters and trick or treaters. This would alleviate the backup that occurred when folks stopped to take pics
    • People kept saying they LOVED the singing!
    • Kids loved hearing about how much we made – so successful! Like to know they help us!
    • Next year spread out more in the school.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Keith Bubblo – reimbursement for Senior Sendoff was deposited
  • He also presented itemized financial report to the group (see separate attachment)
  • Kathleen Follett – Clynk Bags so popular she had to order more!
    • Heather Giandrea mentioned a breach that occurred at Hannaford that ended in 2 employees being fired for taking Clynk bags and cashing them in as their own. This may be a reason if we notice that less money is coming to us from Clynk compared to previous bags. 

Liz Report

  • West Side Story rights are due - $3500. Need to pay soon. Will receive and invoice for this.
  • Spotlights – we need to purchase (is this something that the Boosters can fund)?
  • After we get into GCA we need to make a list of things needed (and prioritize).
  • John Cariani – huge success!
    • He was great with the kids
    • Liz shared pictures and an email he wrote to her
    • Liz created a poster of his workshop and shared on social media (Maine Theater Collective)
    • Forecaster – was suggested we contact them to run story. Liz stated that they have not been supportive of Greely events and activities and focus more on Falmouth/Yarmouth. It was decided that we should still contact if we want to market events.

GCA Tour – John Hankinson is working on this and will get back to group with details.

Booster Meeting, August 29th, 2018

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6:30 p.m. 
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I. OPENING OF MEETING: (who was present?)
Krissy Brown, Boosters president, opened the meeting. Krissy shared with the group that she is busy with selling her house but is committed to doing her best to lead the Boosters as president.

The first item of business was the announcement for the need of a Boosters secretary for the year. Robin Sidders volunteered.


A detailed discussion took place regarding our fall fundraiser. A flier was passed out with specific information. 
  1. Specifics
    • Name of Event: Fairy Tale Trick or Treating (ages 3-5), Scary Woods Walk (Ages 7-9) 
    • When: Saturday, 10/27 (Rain date: 10/28) 
    • Where: Twin Brook (A map was handed out.) 
    • Who: Greely Drama students and family and friends (basically anyone who wants to help!) 
    • Contact person: Kathleen Follett at kbfollet@gmailcom 
    • Other specifics are on the flier that was passed out.
  2. Discussion 
    • The students will be in charge of their own scenes. They are in charge of getting actors, props, etc. They will fill out a form with  their ideas and it will need to be approved by Liz Rollins.
    • We need two students to be stage managers for the event. It was noted that a student cannot be both a director of an act on the Scary Woods Walk and a stage manager.
    • Help is needed – especially for the technical side of things. There are limitations with power. John Hankinson offered a generator (but there is a noise concern with this idea).
    •  Liz Rollins mentioned she had received a donation of 110 tea lights that could be used.
    • Also discussed was the possibility of using dry ice and water to produce fog.
    • There is a hopeful plan to have a group go out to the site and clean up the paths to prepare for the event. We will ask the students to have a clean up day. Adults will obviously also be welcome. John Hankinson has equipment to help with the clean up.
    • The students will be given a list of what they cannot use (i.e. fire).
    • The Red Building bathrooms will be open for the event.
    • There was slight discussion about the possibility of selling apple cider, water, donuts, etc. The goal, however, is to keep things simple.
There was discussion about advertising for the year. Some specifics that were brought up include:
  • It was agreed upon that this is the year to build our advertising, as the community is excited about the new PAC.
  • In the future we should put something on the back page of the Cumberland Recreation brochure.
  • It was suggested that we put something in the Cumberland Community email that goes out every Friday as well as the Family Network.
  • Mary McDonald will take on ticket sales this year.
  • Robin Sidders will reach out to Brian Sidders about helping with graphic designs (programs, t-shirts, etc.).
  • Liz Rollins will take on making sure posters are made.
  • There were suggestions about making re-usable signs to put up around town.
Open Discussion about Ads: Our main thrust should be for the spring show. We hope to change to focus to a calendar year rather than a school year commitment (i.e. Pay for your spring show ad as well as the following fall).

Emily is still doing the website.

Liz Rollins handed out a calendar. Calendar specifics include:
  •  September 6 – First Student Meeting (2:30 p.m.) 
  • September 11 – Open Stage (2:30=4:00 p.m.) 
  • September 12 -- Auditions (2:30-6:30 p.m.) 
  • September 23 – Next Booster’s Meeting (6:00 p.m.) 
  • September 23 – Parent Meeting (6:30 p.m.) In the Band Room. 
  • September 26 – Open House. 
  • October 5-7 – No rehearsals (but possible tech prep) (Columbus Day weekend) 
  • October 27 – Halloween Fundraiser (Storm Date: October 28) 
  • November 9-14 – Tech Week 
  • November 12 – Full day Rehearsal / Dress Rehearsal 
  • November 13 – Full Run Through of the show 
  • November 15-18 – RUN OF THE SHOW 
Keith Bubblo, Boosters treasurer, gave a report. A report was passed out with specifics.

An open-ended discussion took place regarding The Northway Scholarship Account.
It was brought up that we should make note that we need a future discussion regarding ticket prices.

An update was given about the PAC. 
  • There are some concerns about the costume area as really only being storage space (1/3 of the space if directed for district storage). We need to create racks and shelving for the costumes. We will need money for this. Suggestions included racks or piping from floor to ceiling to hold 1000 pounds of costumes. 
  • The Boosters are hoping for a tour of the facility some time soon. 
  • It was proposed to reach out to the architectural group to donate tickets to the local community. Keith Bubblo offered to cover making contact regarding this. He plans to talk to Doug Breer. 
Liz gave an update regarding both shows. Specifics include:
  1. Dance Clinic
    • We will have a dance clinic several Wednesday afternoons to prepare for the spring musical. 
    •  Our past chorographer has been hired. We are hoping for five 90-minute dance clinics. These have been worked into the rehearsal schedule. 
  2. Almost, Maine
    • We have the royalties and rights for Almost, Maine so we are good to go. 
    • Almost, Maine is not expensive to put on and there are 19 roles available for the students. 
    • Rehearsals will be Monday – Thursday the first month. There will be fewer time commitments for the actors in terms of rehearsing for this play. 
  3. West Side Story
    • There have been conversations with Chris Hoffman about finding a way to keep the kids from shying away from this play since it is difficult.  
    • “It’s a challenging show” says Liz, “our kids need a challenging show that is worthy of their talents and experience.” 
    • We have to tackle the racial tension in the play. A consultant will come in and work with the students about this. 
    •  If you get questions about the play regarding it being controversial, Liz asks that we have the people talk directly to her. 
    • There have been concerns about rallies outside of the PAC due to these tensions. It’s important to help our community know (thought publications, etc.) that this show is supposed to be “edgy." We are going to tackle these issues from an educational point of view.
  • Robin Sidders mentioned that she cannot make the next Booster’s meeting due to work commitments and asked Krissy to find a volunteer to take the minutes of that meeting. 
  • The parent meeting will be an important night to try to recruit volunteers and new parent boosters. 
  • Open house: It was discussed that we should set up a hallway table with information about Drama Boosters at Open House. 
  • Seat for Northways in PAC: It was discussed, voted on, and approved that we will purchase a plaque for a seat in the PAC for the Northways. Mary McDonald will look into this. The Boosters will pay $250 for this gift and it will be presented to them opening night of the spring play. 
Respectfully submitted,
Robin Sidders
Boosters Secretary

Booster Meeting, May 1st, 2018

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Drama Booster Meeting Notes

May 1, 2018

Attendance: Liz Rollins, Julie Otte, Kevin Rollins, Brenda Clark, Carrie Burnsteel, Kevin Burnsteel, Ramona Panici, Krissy Brown, Mary McDonald, Kathleen Follett, Keith Bubblo, Heather Giandrea,

President Report:

Patty was unable to attend the meeting, Julie presented treasurer’s reports

Treasurer Report:

Report presented with account totals.

Checking Amount - $5,962.40

Savings Amount

Vanguard Amount

Robin Hood Review:

Robin hood was popular with the audience, including children. It was a lot of work for all, but the hard work paid off.

Having “Shout outs” available for people to write a “shout out” to a member of the cast or crew was popular, we should continue.

Concessions - questions raised about how concessions will change with the new Performing Arts Center. Question on how to handle concession cash in the future. Making sure we have two people counting to reconcile funds at the end of each evening’s performance. For the future we need to have policies and procedures in place for when we deal with cash.

Kevin prepared an extensive report of the Robin Hood Budget. Expenses with information on individual purchases: price and purchase place.

Robin Hood had a low budget as we did not have to pay for Royalty rights and much of the set was recycled items. Greely Theater Boosters did not need to fund any aspect of this show.

Ticket Sales = $5684

Concession Sales = $903

Expenses = $2229.41

Halloween Walk Fall Fundraiser

Kevin has contacted Peter Bingham and we have the dates - Saturday, October 27th with a  Sunday, October 28th rain date on the books at the Rec. Department.

Coordinating Parent Organizers are: Kathleen Follett, Ramona Panici, and Krissy Brown

We will ask for 2 student volunteers to help oversee planning for the Fairytale Walk which will take place from 3-5, and 2 student volunteers to help oversee planning for the Scary Walk which will take place from 7-9

Summer organizing will have to happen to get this fundraiser up and running.

We will be looking for donations of any props, materials, lights, lanterns and storage facility for all the collected materials.


Senior Send off - June 8th. Cam Sarchi is organizing the students for decorating bus and planning food. Liz will order a coach bus. Chaperones are still needed. Kevin will collect names of students who will be attending.

Upcoming Middle School Play - “This is a Test” - a one act play by Stephen Gregg will be performed May 11 & 12 at the Greely Middle School. Tickets $5 at the door.

Planning for next year’s musical in the spring: Liz would like to do a big show and potentially offer two auditions. One audition would be for the major roles and would be for Greely High School students only. A second audition would be offered for middle school students and community members to fill smaller roles. This would be a great way to open the Performing Arts Center up to the community at large, a goodwill gesture. It was agreed that this would be a wonderful idea.

It was brought up that there is student concern about having to choose between a sport and drama. How can we address these concerns? Liz wants students to be aware that they can do a sport along with drama, but their role in drama will be dependent on the time commitment they can offer drama. Some roles are too meaty and work intensive to be able to have more then drama as a commitment.

Northway Scholarship - It was unknown if we had any applicants. It was unknown if the scholarship application was in the Senior Scholarship packet passed out by the guidance department. The status is unknown. Julie will contact Molly Washo and see if she has information on the status of the scholarship program. We may need to extend the deadline a week if we have no applicants.

Next Meeting - no date was planned

Submitted Minutes:

May 3,  2018

Kathleen Follett

Booster Meeting, February 27th, 2018

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Drama Booster Meeting Notes
February 27, 2018

Attendance:  Kathleen Follett, Liz Rollins, Ramona Panici, Dan Panici, Lisa Gove, Carrie Burnsteel, Krissy Brown, Rebecca Chandler, Brenda Clark, John Hankinson, Julie Otte, Patricia Neuville, Keith Bubblo, Erin Farnham, Heather Giandrea

* Present requested that Greely Theatre By-Laws be emailed to them for review.
* Although not present, by-laws were also emailed to: Mary McDonald, Michelle Josephson, Andrea Murray

Fall Haunted Woods Fundraiser:
  • Location - Twin Brooks (Greely Road side)
  • Date: October 27th (Saturday before Halloween); rain date: Sunday, October 28th - time TBD
  • Already on the Cumberland Town Calendar

Greely Drama Booster open positions: Secretary, Social Media/Webmaster
  • Ask incoming Freshman parents about interest in open positions
  • Current position holders - make handbooks for those taking over positions

Audrey & Dane Northway Scholarship Fund:
  • Scholarship committee should have at least 3 members (Molly Washo brought this up) and meet at least twice after the application deadline to select recipient.
  • Scholarship details:
    • Criteria: Graduating senior who plans to pursue education in Performing Arts (theater and/or music).
    • Applications begin March 1st of year that scholarship is awarded (deadline: TBD)
    • Scholarship is one-time award and proof of Fall registration must be provided.
    • 2018 award will most likely be $500.00 instead of $1,000.00
  • $1,800.00 in Vanguard was donation from funds raised to support original PAC effort that was voted down
    • In 2017, $1,000.00 was awarded to Nic Kurlanski (first recipient)
    • $800.00 was deposited to Atlantic FCU savings account
  • Proposal for funding Scholarship account (Motion: Julie Otte, Second: John Hankinson, passed with 10 votes)
    • Transfer $1000.00 from Vanguard to Atlantic FCU savings account (to get started)
    • Deposit Clynk money from bottle donations to the scholarship fund each quarter
      • Fundraising idea: Resurrect bottle drives (We have done them before but stopped due to lack of time, interest, etc.)
    • Greely Drama Boosters - donate $500.00 to Atlantic FCU savings account
    • Transfer $1,000.00 back into Vanguard account after scholarship fund becomes self-sustaining (to pay ourselves back)

PAC - Vanguard (approx. $18,000 balance) will fund necessities after PAC is open. Current thought is that PAC will be “bare bones”and may need some extras.

Robinhood show dates/times: March 22-24 at 7:00 pm and March 25 at 2:00 pm
Boosters will not meet again before the play. Will meet in early April to recap (what went well, what could have gone better)

Cash Box Procedures:
  • $250.00 petty cash to start (ticket sales and concessions)
  • Instead of cash boxes going home with Boosters each night, they will remain at the high school and locked in the office by staff.
  • Office staff will need to unlock office and retrieve cash boxes 3 hours prior to shows for ticket sales.
  • Ticket sales will be during lunches and 4:00 - 7:00 on show nights (Thurs - Sat); 11:00 - 2:00 pm on Sunday matinee.
  • Concessions money goes to Greely Drama Boosters; Ticket Sales money goes to the School Account (Student Activity Fund minus $250.00 for petty cash)

Workshop Day for Teachers (3/16, no school) - Kids will need to bring picnic lunch to rehearsal
Cast Party - Burnsteels will host (Thank you!)

Senior Sendoff - Still interested in planning and funding this?

Volunteer Coordinator To-Dos (Kathleen Follett):
  • Started Volunteer Sign-Up Genius - For some reason history was gone and needs to recreate. Working on getting it up and running soon.
  • Potluck Lunch for Tech Rehearsal (3/18, 12:00 - 1:00 pm) - Volunteer Coordinator will create and send out sign up list for food donations
    • Process similar to Thanksgiving dinner (Google Drive Spreadsheet - ask Emily Pershing for help)

Ad Coordinator To-Dos (Lisa Gove):
  • Postcards:
    • In the Fall, send postcards to inform past advertisers that musical will be in the Spring at PAC
    • Liz Rollins will provide pictures for postcards
    • Postcards can be printed inexpensively at XPress Copy in Portland (approx. $50.00)
  • Lakeside Archery - Liz asked if they might want to sponsor the show. Lisa Gove will check with them to see if possible.
  • One-liners only need to be coordinated for Spring program
  • Family Ads - Although it was discussed that these were needed for Spring show; after further research - no family ads needed for Spring program
  • When to one-liners need to be in for program printing
  • Kathleen Follett will provide passwords for advertising Google accounts to Lisa Gove

Greely Theatre By-Laws (Heather Giandrea):
  • Filed with IRS last year but need to resubmit for 501(c)3 status because it is has lapsed. Patti Neuville will work on this and report back to Boosters.
  • Heather has updated By-Laws (last written in 1998) for 2018 and will send out to Boosters for review and comment.
    • Definition: Board of Directors - Minimum of 3; Maximum of 15
    • Definition: Officers (5): President, Vice President, Secretary, Co-Treasurers (2) - Office term: 1 year (beginning late summer through end of school year)
    • Definition: Members - Anyone who has a child that is currently involved in Greely Drama
      • Mandatory bi-annual meetings of membership (parents) - twice a year in September and January

Treasurer’s Report (Patti Neuville):
  • Patti presented: Financial Summary (account balances, net gains/losses, capital account); Average Monthly Cash Balance Checking Acct (2015-2018)
  • Robinhood is inexpensive to produce; no royalties need to be paid (per Liz Rollins)
  • File with State of Maine ($25.0o annually): Directors/New Officers - Patti needs contact info for filing
  • John Hankinson proposed purchase of projectors for advertisers (Scarborough HS does this)

Liz’s Report:
  • Julie Otte requested an updated list of actors from Liz.
  • Pat’s Pizza tradition Friday night after show - Call 2 days before to notify them. Please remind kids to TIP wait staff (Important!)
  • Denny’s tradition (Seniors?) Saturday night after show - Liz stressed that this is not a good idea because kids are too tired for Sunday performance. Should do away with it.
  • Show going well: Great, creative process - Scenes have been written, music has been added, jokes have been included. Many modern references included.
  • Tech crew - built tree with treehouse/loft, birch trees, waterfall, castle
  • No more changes to script before vacation started. Cast is off-book on March 1st.
  • Costumes should require LESS ironing (yay!)
  • Liz is holding Greely Middle School drama classes - going well (started with 60 students, now down to 30). Auditions will be held week after Robinhood.
  • Greely Drama Welcome Day
    • Middle school students are invited to rehearsal on 3/14 to get a sneak peek at the show. Will also have a chance to see Tech Crew in action.
  • Can we get a list of Middle School Parent Volunteers (email addresses)? Will kids be interested in volunteering?
  • Julie Otte asked about receipt of NBC Grant - Word from Ashley is that it does not seem feasible due to town economics

Next Meeting - Tuesday, April 1oth at 6:30pm

Booster Meeting, December 4th, 2017

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Drama Booster Meeting Notes

December 4th

Attendance: Liz Rollins, Brenda Clark, Julie Otte, Heather Giandrea, Carrie Burnsteel, Kevin Burnsteel, Lisa Gove, John Hankinson, Andrea Murray, Erin Farnham, Kathleen Follett, Scott Kaplan, Krissy Brown

Volunteer overview:

We had 88% of the jobs for the Guys and Dolls show on the Sign up website filled. A great amount of parent volunteers this year! The only jobs we had a problem filling were ironing and ticket sales.

It was asked that we add the job of selling tickets prior to the show for adults to sign up for - rather than have the students sell (which has historically been the practice).

Ticket sales jobs - questioning the number of people selling tickets and when we sell:

Should we continue to sell during the parent teacher conference night?

We should keep the lunch ticket sale times but add selling during concession set up?

What about online ticket sales? There is a fee when you do online sales.

What about reserve online and then pick up prior to show (the worry being if people don’t pay for their ticket ahead of time, they may be no-shows)

Liz’s Report - Liz was very happy with this year’s production of Guys and Dolls. Kids were amazing - on stage - off stage - during rehearsal. Very focused group of kids. It was beautiful.

Liz had the first meeting with middle school drama. They did improv and played drama games - 57 kids showed up. 20 boys, 37 girls.

The plan is to have workshop style improv days until spring when the plan is from April - May to prepare for a show, which will be a one act play called, “This is a Test”

Any high school drama kids available to help are welcome!

Someone asked if Greely Drama Boosters will be a middle school and high school booster program. Might be a great way to get more parent input and support.

A question was brought up about how the budget will be affected if we add a middle school. How would we allocate funds fairly between the two schools?

Spring Show - Robin Hood written by Liz Rollins

Immediate Needs:

  1. There are many branches, logs for the set we need to cover - can we find a barn to store the wood in?

  2. Old furs to cover furniture and/or costumes

  3. Any ties to anyone who does archery - we need targets, bows, etc.

The show is a farce and has 20-30 characters

Auditions around the 20th of January

Show is 23rd-25th of March

Guys and Dolls finances - The School reimbursed everything to Liz and Kevin

Ticket sales have to go to school because it is a school function.

A question was asked - Why isn’t there an amount allocated from the school to give to drama?

School does not budget for anything but director’s fee, and set director.

The amount of money we give to the school - is used only for drama

Question is what is the amount in the school account.

Income from ticket sales - $8105

Saturday -$263, Thursday  $209,  Friday $254, Sunday $252

Income from ad sales -

Income for Family Ads & One-liners:

Income from concessions - $1,383.11

Patty made a deposit of $4684.40

Question about the scholarship money and the Vanguard account.

Should the Clynk money be listed as scholarships funds?

First show in the PAC - possibly get a way to make the first show free for Cumberland & No. Yarmouth residents. Could we get a sponsor? A way to thank the community. Any businesses that would help sponsor. Maybe a grant? Maybe Foundation 51. Do we have any parents who have experience writing a grant?

Concerns about lighting equipment in PAC - will we need to pay for new lights?

Looking for a parent willing to help Liz move forward with these ideas.

Recap -

Recommendations for the next show:

-Bathroom sign for the second set of bathrooms down the hall

-Why doesn’t the school promote the play more… It was not on the community e-mail, it was not on the school email, weekly updates.

-The Town of cumberland and No. Yarmouth did do a nice job promoting the play.

-The dinner at Louie’s prior to the show on Thursday seems to be popular

What can we do for more fundraisers? Louie’s, Ricetta’s, FoodStop,

-Tickets for Advertisers… should we deliver the tickets to the advertisers rather than have them sitting in the box office? Do they use them, do they know about them?

The Boosters is in need of new Officers!

Box Office - Mary McDonald (Thank you Mary)

Cast Celebrations (also Mary?!)




Next Meeting - 6:30pm, January 16th, Tuesday

Booster Meeting: Tuesday, October 10th, 2017

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Greely Drama Booster Meeting Minutes

October 10, 2017


In attendance: Krissy Brown, Lisa Gove, Rebecca Chandler, John Hankinson, Michelle Josephson, Brenda Clark, Liz Rollins, Ramona Panici, Julie Otte, Andrea Murray Campo, Scott Kaplan, Mary McDonald, Carrie Burnsteel, Kevin Burnsteel, Patti Neuville, Kathleen Follett


Liz’s Corner: Needs - large tropical and/or banana plants. It was suggested that we could rent the plants or borrow from a plant store. Michelle will check with the church to see if they have something suitable to borrow.

Volunteer Needs: Kevin and Liz are in need of help with painting sets - please come by on Saturdays from 9-3 if you can lend a hand. Liz also says they have a need for people who can do hair in the styles of the 40’s. Lisa Gove suggested checking with Empire hair school. Rebecca Chandler offered to help. Liz also mentioned that they are accepting donations of gently used or new make-up if anyone knows of anyone looking to get rid of some make-up!

Thanksgiving Dinner- it is agreed that last year’s Thanksgiving Dinner was a hit and we would like to do it again. Kathleen will e-mail Emily Pershing to look into planning. Kevin and Carrie Burnsteel will be kept in the loop.

Kathleen Follett’s Posse

Volunteer website is up and running. It can be accessed from the Greely Drama Website. Kathleen will send out an e-mail shortly with a link to the website. Ironing hours for Sunday will need to be changed to 10:30-12:30.

Clynk bags - we have more clynk bags. If anyone wants any or knows of someplace we can distribute them, please contact Kathleen (kbfollett@gmail.com) Kathleen will look into getting the boxes from Clynk that we can use at the concession and backstage for collecting water bottles.

Patti Neuville Moneybags

We can give deposits to either Patti, Julie or mail to the P.O. Box.

2 recent deposits were made, one from the ongoing Mixed Bags fundraiser, the second from ad sales.

A question about Nik Kurlanski’s scholarship came up. We have not made payment to Nik, and need to do that soon. The money for the scholarship comes from the Vanguard account. Brenda will get the information to Patti who will then send the payment.

There was a discussion about the reason we have two accounts for Drama - one held with the school, the other held with the boosters. The ticket sales go to the school and Kevin and  Liz are reimbursed from the school. It is a basic school and booster structure. Is this still the best policy? Have things changed so that these policies are outdated.

Brenda’s Sewing Table

There are a lot of costumes that need to be made because of the number of girls who wear matching costumes, ie band members, and chorus girls. Because of this, sewing volunteers are needed.

Andrea’s Publicity Hound:

The poster has been approved and will need detailed information added.

Liz and Andrea will review the write up that went into the summer Rec. Program and use that if it is appropriate. It was mentioned that Amelia Greenlee’s father would be a good contact person at the Portland Press Herald. Newspapers will print a photo if they receive them early enough. Liz will have some promo photos taken by next week and get them to Andrea.

Ad Sales Update- Lisa Gove - Food Stop is our Curtain Raiser!!! This is wonderful news!! Please support our Curtain Raiser.

The ad spreadsheet does not seem to represent the true sales of ads. Lisa questioned if it is being updated and if it reflects the current sales figures. Someone will follow up with Tim Farnham on his ad.

Cast Party - we need a home to host the cast party. Kathleen will add it to the volunteer sign ups on the Sign Up website.

Lockers - Michelle reminded us that the students need to give her their locker number if they want the goodie bag before the show.

Strike - we need volunteers to help with strike. It is a fun way to wrap the show…. Volunteers should bring star bits if they have them.

Family Ads - Patti will make a new spreadsheet for Julie to organize the family ad sales

Playbill Printing - Greg Pershing is creating the playbill. Can we find a younger student to work with him so they can take if over next year? Can we get one of the art teachers on board to help or oversee this? We need people to proofread. It was decided that we should create a proofreader’s checklist to make sure we remember the details of what to look for when proofreading.

The Playbill will be printed at Xpress Copy and will be dropped off Friday to be picked up the Wednesday before the show.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, October 24th, 6:30

Booster Meeting: September 24th, 2017

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Greely Drama 9/24/17

Liz introduction and wish list:

Several kitchen utensils (clean)


Bible (hardcover) and old books

Lunch plates, silverware, water glasses (for 4)

Cheesecake, doughnuts, sandwiches

real red carnations (15 per show)

Dice (small and large)

Fancy cocktail glasses (6)

Flameless candles

Smoke machines

2 small doors (20”-24” wide)

Wooden benches 4-6 ft

Wire trash bin (large, like on the streets of NY)

Wooden bookcase (about 36”-48” tall or wide)

Large (fake) plants—tropical?


Costumes 1940s-1950s

Men's suits and fedoras (any pinstripe/double breasted/vests)

Wingtip or two-toned men's shoes

Women’s shoes and hats/character shoes

Furs, purses, gloves, jewelry, etc.

Clothing steamer


Additional request: anything pertinent to 1950 for inspiration for the set would be great

PAC will need tools for the scene shop.  Table saw is the most important

Also, any kids in tech who want to work with power tools need to have a permission slip signed. 

    Don't have a permission slip? Please email Kevin or perhaps have your student check their inbox

Michelle: please make sure we have your child’s locker number for locker decoration night

Julie: The show will be November 16, 17, 18 (at 7:00), and 19 (at 2:00)

Volunteer needs:

We're looking for a lot of volunteers to team up with current Boosters, this way we'll have people to take over next year

co-treasurer (to work with Patti): ?

co-box office (to work with Andrea): Mary McDonald volunteered!  Thank you, Mary!

Ad sales are a big deal—please let us know if you can help at any level

October 20th is the deadline to submit ads

Wendy offered to help.  Thank you, Wendy!

Brenda: need people to come for 3 hours before every show to iron

Volunteer Spot will have slots for all jobs, including ironing

Sewing is also a very useful skill, and we need outfits for all of the dancers, plus Adelaide

Question: How much do sponsorships and ads cost?

Showstopper is $1,000

Curtain Raiser $400

Encore Presenter $250

Mr. Farnham: volunteered to strike the set and his company will purchase an ad $250 (Encore).  Thank you, Tim!!

Question: how much money do the Boosters need to earn?

School pays for nothing

Ticket sales go back to the school

Ad sales and concessions (and extra fundraising) go directly to Boosters

Kathleen: we have been able to get away without aggressive fundraising for the last few years, but with the PAC this will probably change in the near future.

We have several background campaigns like Clynk and Mixed Bag

Northway Scholarship costs $1,000 per year, but there isn’t enough to give this out again 

Brenda: what if the Clynk bag funds (~$500 per year) were directly applied to the Northway Scholarship?

Kids have to apply for the scholarship and it helps someone going to college for the performing arts

        The general response here was positive

Kathleen: will set up the new online sign-up sheet this week.  Remember—you don’t have to pick one thing!  Pick lots! :)

Brenda: request for concessions that are not noisy.  No crinkly wrappers!

Kevin Burnsteel asked: Thanksgiving lunch again this year?  Liz: Yes.

John: this doesn’t happen without parents being involved.  Please come to meetings.

Emily: I'll email Laurie to see if she has the posters from last year

*Small group met at the front to further discuss ad sales.

PAC groundbreaking: 4-5:00pm on October 2nd

Next Booster Meeting: Tuesday October 10th at 6:30 in room 151 (we hope)

Booster Meeting: Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

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Greely Drama 9/19/17

Liz, Julie, Kathleen, Andrea, John, Emily

Schedule room in future (not band room)

Not on Sundays? Have to check about this.

Parent open house in band room (Sunday, Sept. 24th, 7:00pm).  Mandatory for all drama parents.  Liz has emails.




Webmaster? (with Emily)

Cast celebrations

Treasurer (with Patti)

Box office (to act with Andrea)

Kids can do publicity under supervision

Student jobs?

Graphic designer


Could a student come to each meeting?  Are there secrets we don’t want them to hear?

Tickets will be $8 and $10 again

Fundraising ideas?


Sign up sheet for Booster jobs

New website host?  

Link to Facebook for automatic updates (Liz’s account)

Performance dates: November 16, 17, 18, 19

Ad deadline: coordinate with Gregory?  Two weeks before printing.  Let’s start with Friday 13th and see how it goes

Ad sign-up for parent night?

Who has sold ads before?

Groundbreaking for the PAC (October 2nd) 4-5:00pm

Jazz, Mads, Spoken word quotes.  Will be great!

Julie gone Nov 11-14

Who has posters from last year?

Prop or costume needs?  Wishlist will be posted on website when available

Sponsors? We will ask last year's sponsors first.  They're still advertised on the website

Kath: remember picture board for parent night

Next meeting October 10th, 6:30pm

Booster Meeting, April 11th, 2017

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No official secretary in attendance (there is no current secretary)

Booster members present: Kathleen Follett, Laurie Logan*, Brenda Clark, Sue Williams*, Emily Pershing, Andrea Murray, John Hankinson, Liz Rollins.

Members with an asterisk* have graduating seniors and are leaving Boosters.  Thank you for years of amazing help!!!

Molly Washo came briefly to talk about the Northway Scholarship.  Guidelines for the scholarship were handed out and a committee was formed to review applications.

Audrey Northway came at the end of the meeting to discuss finances and other technicalities.

Senior Sendoff will be Friday, June 16th.
    Emily will reserve a bus
    Liz will meet with the underclassmen to plan decorations and food
    Sue and Laurie have picked a show, but it will remain confidential so the seniors are surprised

A few fundraising ideas were discussed, including:
    A community yard sale at the school (at the end of September?)
    A bottle drive (perhaps combined with the yard sale?)
    We will continue Mixed Bag because it's easy and awesome
The focus of the meeting was on filling Booster vacancies and talking to Liz about her vision for the Boosters.

Liz is looking at Guys and Dolls for the fall.  She is also excited about re-joining the One Act Festival competition in the future (the kids loved their time at the festival this year!).  We still need a good way of getting parent emails so that everyone stays up-to-date.

The following positions were filled with unanimous approval (and enthusiasm!!):
Julie Otte is the new president
Harold Otte and John Hankinson are the new ad sales coordinators
Kathleen Follett is the new volunteer coordinator

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