Boosters Meeting Minutes

Booster Meeting, April 11th, 2017

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No official secretary in attendance (there is no current secretary)

Booster members present: Kathleen Follett, Laurie Logan*, Brenda Clark, Sue Williams*, Emily Pershing, Andrea Murray, John Hankinson, Liz Rollins.

Members with an asterisk* have graduating seniors and are leaving Boosters.  Thank you for years of amazing help!!!

Molly Washo came briefly to talk about the Northway Scholarship.  Guidelines for the scholarship were handed out and a committee was formed to review applications.

Audrey Northway came at the end of the meeting to discuss finances and other technicalities.

Senior Sendoff will be Friday, June 16th.
    Emily will reserve a bus
    Liz will meet with the underclassmen to plan decorations and food
    Sue and Laurie have picked a show, but it will remain confidential so the seniors are surprised

A few fundraising ideas were discussed, including:
    A community yard sale at the school (at the end of September?)
    A bottle drive (perhaps combined with the yard sale?)
    We will continue Mixed Bag because it's easy and awesome
The focus of the meeting was on filling Booster vacancies and talking to Liz about her vision for the Boosters.

Liz is looking at Guys and Dolls for the fall.  She is also excited about re-joining the One Act Festival competition in the future (the kids loved their time at the festival this year!).  We still need a good way of getting parent emails so that everyone stays up-to-date.

The following positions were filled with unanimous approval (and enthusiasm!!):
Julie Otte is the new president
Harold Otte and John Hankinson are the new ad sales coordinators
Kathleen Follett is the new volunteer coordinator

Booster Meeting, March 1st, 2017

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Greely Drama 3/1/2017

In attendance: John Hankinson, Brenda Clark, Laurie Logan, Andrea Murray Campo, Julie Otte, Kristi Sarchi, Connie Russell, Michelle Josephson, Rebecca Chandler, Emily Pershing, Liz Rollins, Kathleen Follett, Sue Williams

Introductions for new members

Minutes accepted.

Fundraisers: table set up at the show?  We can’t get catalogues (only 2) because we're doing an online fundraiser.  We could order some samples and have flyers set out?  We could also hand something out to the kids.  Group order for those who do not want to place an order online?

Who is in charge of Clink?  We need to ask Molly

Liz's Peril on the High Seas update: kids are excited but there are a lot of loose ends to wrap up.  Show is going well, but still have to put the music in.  Problems continue to be with people not being there when they need to be.

The forms have not improved things much.  Although…kids are absent mostly when they said they would be, not at random times, so that's good.

Costumes: it’s a lot of work.  Michelle offered to help Brenda with the last-minute sewing.

Tech this Saturday is only from 8-12:00 noon because of basketball win (yay!).

Lots of audience participation will be possible!

Laurie: program needs to have sponsors in it.  Only 3 one-liners so far.  Not a big surprise, though. Bios were due today—more than half were already done.  Michelle needs a program for locker name list.

John: could we be selling ads for the fall show now?  Laurie thinks it’s an excellent idea because there’s a big onslaught in the fall for money. Someone would have to be trained quickly for that because Laurie is leaving.  There’s an established spreadsheet, so it shouldn’t be too hard.  Pushback this year was that the money was already gone by the time we came around.  We should start asking for sponsors in August.

Back cover of the program is still free.  We could try to sell that now to include next year’s shows?

We've had a few impromptu sponsors, though!  Paint for free from Sherwin Williams and True Value in Grey.  Who does the thank you notes now?  Nobody.  Yikes.  We should find someone to take that over.

Publicity is Andrea’s domain…and it’s already done!

Poster: Brian is done…and it’s great.  Navy blue.  Liz will send the graphic to Laurie asap

Laurie will make tickets

Gathering old-looking luggage (not modern) for the show.  Foot lockers (John and Michelle)

Tech rehearsal (Sunday before the show—19th).  Starts with tech and then everyone else comes.  Light lunch with a bit of pizza.  Lots of little pieces that need to come together.

Next Tuesday is Ray Coyle.  Photos will be on the wall and then we will have some information in the program about how to get a copy of your kid’s picture.  Ray is writing up something for the program.

Theater Café:

Volunteers will bring the desserts (Google drive sign-up)

Victoria Lattanzi works at the European Bakery…

Ticket prices the same but there’s no dinner—should be ok.  The tickets cost has been really low for ages.  Lots of time and money goes into this event.

Julie gave us some input about how Falmouth handles their soiree (tea and dessert).  Prices are similar.

John: what to do for the cast’s dinner?  Can’t really feed them because they’re in costume and have their makeup. Couple of salads for the cast and crew, maybe?  Liz has a good resource for salad fixings.

Laurie will give Emily the table set-up

Liz: show will start at 7:30, people can eat and mingle before that.  Enough time for everyone to get their dessert?  Doors should open a bit before 7:00.  How about 6:45pm?  6:30?  We all decided on 6:30.  Err on the side of early.  Can always start the show early if everyone seems ready.

We need trays and a wait staff for the desserts.  Kristi has trays!

Need three pitchers, too

Friday the ticket orders will start.  Email early for Boosters

Seating needs to be moved towards the middle for this show.  Nobody in the sidelines.  For the regular show there will not be a center aisle!  Custodians will need to know this.

Mocktails?  Sparkling drinks?  Kristi has a connection to Pepsi.  Raspberry?

—>Ginger ale 1L wrapped in a napkin 40?  10 covers

Drinks: decaf?

100 more cups needed for coffee (Emily will do this)

coffee maker

Handing out tickets: there should be some help for Laurie.

Dress-up?  Already beads and headbands for concessions… we could mention on the website or in the ticket order form that dress-up is an option.

One Act Play Festival on March 11th.  Chaperones?  25 kids are signed up.  

Bus: David Shapiro might be able to take care of this for us.  Kids can attend for free and have access to everything.  Probably leave at 8-9:00 (first show at 12:00), last shows are at 9:30-10.  Food?  Lunch is served—if kids bring money.  Kids can bring food (cooler, etc).

Cast party: Casco Bay Lines for Mail Boat on April 2nd (Sunday)  5:45 boat is 2.5 hours with sunset.  Boat will be empty.  Can bring speakers, food, anything!  $7.50 per ticket.  Kids do not know about this.  This will be the cast party.  Heated, comfortable.  In costume?

Freshman night usually has a booth with pictures (March 9th) 6:00-8:00pm

Senior sendoff?  Liz talked about a roast instead, but it might be nice for the current seniors to have the traditional sendoff.  Laurie and Sue will take care of the show, Emily will get the bus.

Summary of needs:

old suitcases for show

students for Theater Cafe wait staff  (to carry dessert trays and serve sparkling drink)

students for freshman night

help with Theater Cafe tickets on Saturday night

three water pitchers on loan

ad for back cover of program?

Next meeting: Tuesday April 11th 6:30pm

Booster Meeting, February 2nd, 2017

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In attendance: Emily Pershing, Sue Williams, Kathleen Follett, Andrea Murray Campo, John Hankinson, Heather Giandrea, Kristi Sarchi, Laurie Logan, Sarah Holman, Rebecca Chandler, Michelle Josephson, Lesley Raley, Liz Rollins, Brenda Clark, Connie Russel, Lisa Gove

Liz: ticket sales money needs to go into school account (about $4,500 for ticket sales?)

PAC: Some money given years ago for this project that we’re going to need.  One of the problems is that the committee has different ideas about how to use the space.  For example, a possible dressing room (green room) is going to be turned into a meeting room?  Architect presenting new design at the next meeting?  There might be time to change this.

But, the plans are generally amazing and beautiful.  Some highlights:

Cantilevered cement overhang elevator for handicap access

Video and audio monitors

Band and chorus rooms beautiful

Balcony! Eeeee!

Lighting galleries on the sides

Lighting booth in the back

510 seats plus handicapped

There’s also a designated yoga room?  This is confusing to everyone.  Why can’t yoga be done in the current gymnasium?   The weight room?   Sigh.

Fundraising: should we publicize more with Mixed Bag?  Catalogues to distribute?  Advertising table at performances?  The company offers home goods now, too, so  perhaps we need two catalogues?  

8th Grade Night: table at that night to entice the younger kids.  March 9th at 6:00pm 

    We should have:

        -A big sign

        -A sign-up sheet?

        -Student volunteers

        -Photographs to display?

Peril on the High Seas

    Liz comment: this play was written recently, so there’s nothing outdated or unintentionally offensive. Very fancy and ritzy.          Takes place on a cruise ship to England.  Everyone is  dressed up and excited.  All of the characters share their time on stage—so there aren’t really any leads.  Lots of wonderful characters.  Pretty much everyone is on stage all of the time.  Glitzy costumes.

    The set is simple: two sides that are the ship, then a corridor in the middle.  Very clever.  Sides close to be the hold of the ship.  Set splits to have a ballroom at the back.

    Liz and Kevin (and kids!) gutted the makeup and tech rooms and all of the garbage is gone!!  Yay!

    Brenda question: show times?  Will be 7:00 on Friday and Saturday instead of 7:30, also 2:00 on Sunday.  Dessert theater is     Saturday.  Should we call it Coffee House?  Theater cafe?  Everyone likes Theater Cafe.

    Ray Coyle—we should advertise him in the program and make sure parents know that they can get copies of the head shots!  They’re really nice.

    Tech Rehearsal: March 19th (everyone all day)

    This will be a potluck breakfast and lunch with pizza.  No chaperone.

Publicity: Brian has some great poster ideas.  Will also do tickets.  Andrea will print tickets.

Program: Gregory, with parent proofing.


    One Liner deadline: March 3rd.  They can be a few days late and we’ll still be ok.

    Reminder to parents about One Liners—Kathleen?  People need to know who to send their ad to and what the                                           deadline is.  $10 per One Liner.

Props needed:

    Champagne bottles (a couple)

    12 cafe chairs?

    Steamer trunks for kids to sit on in the front?

Cast Party!  Connie?  On a boat?  Waves of kids come at different times, so a boat might not be practical  April 2nd?  Parents bring food and carry it on

    2:30, 5:30

    Boosters get tickets for this?

How did the green card work out?  Everyone did it!  Maybe not all of the tech kids yet…

Liz has put all conflicts into the calendar

Theater Cafe:

    Solicit desserts from all families

    Cutters and platers (plate things strategically)

    Sue is worried about kids with the dessert table.  Maybe someone could stand behind the table?  We could plate things             strategically with kid-friendly items at the front?  Or maybe just have publicity emphasizing the Sunday matinee as the preferred  kids show.

    Beverages served by student waiters?  White top and black pants and aprons.

        Iced tea



        Hot chocolate

        Punch?  Something fizzy?  Sparkling cider or ginger ale?

    Dessert before the play and at intermission?  Yum.

    Add in lots of performers (skits, dance, etc)  Entertainment while people sing, etc.  Olio acts

    Reservations: Laurie (first come first served) On website

    Volunteer sign up: Sign Up. com  Heather will do this!

    Google Doc for desserts and other food volunteering?

    Dessert staff are the platers

    Champagne glasses from dollar store?




        Clean up—Andrea?

    Maybe we can use barrels from Sweetsers to camouflage the drink coolers?

    Invite people to come dressed up to the theater cafe?

One Act Drama:  just going to watch (Liz is judging)

    March 11th (Saturday afternoon and evening)

    Chaperones (2)

    School bus (chaperones—at least 1—have to take the bus)

    Cost of bus?  Boosters will have to cover it (5-600?)

    1 bus to Rockland and back


    Tickets to get in

    Kathleen and Heather will chaperone

Heather: deadline for the Foundation 51 one-time grant (for tickets only)

Total cast and crew is about 70

Next meeting:  Wednesday March 1st (6:30pm)

Booster Meeting December 8th, 2016

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In attendance: Kathleen Follett, Kristi Sarchi, Liz Rollins, John Hankinson, Emily Pershing, Laurie Logan, Andrea Murray, Brenda Clark, Bruce Manley, Lisa Gove, Molly Washo, Patti Neuville, Kevin Burnsteel

Treasurer's Report: with a $12,000 start, we've made $2,500, +$930 still to come in.
    Compared to the last two shows:
    Learned Ladies: $1,650
    Into the Woods: $4,300

    This is with no Show Stopper sponsor.
    Ticket sales were a bit over $7,000 (some of this goes back to the school)

    Head Counts:
    Thursday 159
    Friday 206
    Saturday 248
    Sunday 188
    The house capacity is about 350.

    We discussed possible reasons for the small turnout.  Most likely reason is that it was a small cast and crew compared to previous years.  Also, this was a relatively unknown/outdated show.  The show was also less expensive, though, which helped offset the lower ticket sales.

PAC update: Liz reported that the PAC committee has been chosen and there's only one staff member (Kevin Rollins).  There's also a student and about a dozen community members.

Carousel Comments
K. Burnsteel:
    Strike was a challenge because nobody knew how the set was put together, so nobody knew how to take it apart.  We discussed ways to make parents and volunteers feel more needed and welcome.  Specifically, recruit people with their own power tools and then assign specific chores (or make it clear that it's ok to just dive in and start taking things apart).

K. Sarchi:
    Party was great (kids are great...) but too much pizza and cake!  TONS of food left over.  There were 6-8 pizzas left uneaten.  On average, girls tend to have 1 slice, boys have 2.  That can be the new guide for estimating pizza.

L. Logan:
    Lots of hassle with the program.  It would help to have a process sheet for future transitions so that everyone knows the correct way to do things (no screen shots of ads, etc).  Greg Pershing will take care of this (and be in charge of programs for the next show).

L. Rollins:
    Happy with the number of students in the pit (8 out of 11 musicians).  The plexiglass was great.  Some people felt that the     music was too loud from some locations, others thought it was fine.  It was neat that audience members stood around after the show was over to listen to the pit.  Good feedback.

    Expressed regret that she didn't get to know the crew better.  Many of these students are not coming to meetings.  In fact, there's a larger problem of getting the cast and crew to show up in a reliable way.  It wasn't that specific students failed to show multiple times, just that there was always someone missing.  We brainstormed possible solutions to this problem.
           -Schedule at least 1.5 weeks ahead of time for those students who have after-school jobs.
           -Communicate with parents (we need those emails!)
           -Facebook group for parents?
           -Director's notes as part of the routine email
           -Blue Sheet contract similar to what is given to athletes?  Including medical information--this is really important!

    Thanksgiving lunch was great.  Kids seemed to like it a lot.  New tradition?

Spring show: will be March 23, 24, 25, 26...or possibly just Friday through Sunday?  Saturday will be the dessert theater.  Sunday show possible at 3:00pm so that everyone can get home for homework, etc.
Auditions will be in late January, early February, and there will be a Booster meeting following that.

We still need a new president.  Kathleen, Andrea and Emily will work together to keep things running until a replacement can be found.

Liz would like to have kids attend the One Act Drama Festival in March.  Group was enthusiastic about this.  Details to come later.

Emily will contact Ray Coyle about spring headshots

Molly will run the Northway Scholarship

Next meeting was not discussed.

Greely Drama Booster Meeting, Sept. 12th, 2016

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Greely Drama Booster Meeting, Sept. 12th, 2016

GHS Room 151

In attendance: Molly Washo, Laurie Logan, Connie Russell, Sue Williams, Kathleen Follett, Andrea Campo, Emily Pershing.

Theme of the meeting: what can we cut from the Booster’s responsibilities?  Dwindling membership overall, current members are overwhelmed.

Jon Swaney would like to pass Treasurer job along now that Allie has graduated.  He will stay on board to help the new treasurer.  

—the job is very easy and does not require fancy software. 

—Microsoft Excel is plenty.  

—it’s pretty much just keeping track of the income and expenses of each show.

        —the finances are in very good shape.

Which sources of revenue are not working?  

New York City trip was tough.  Perhaps this will not happen again.  It will depend

        a lot on Liz and her priorities.  We’ll revisit this in the future.

The Mixed Bag Sale can be cut back to a minimum to save Connie some time.

—keep the online sales running (low maintenance)

—promote the online sales in the program

—probably the same code as last year, so we’ll leave everything up on the

                website and Connie will pass along updates from the company rep.

Email communication with the drama community needs to be more reliable.  Liz’s method of collecting emails electronically will help.

Senior Coordinator” title is awkward.  Implies involvement only with the seniors.  We discussed options like “President” and “Chair Person.”  President was the favorite because it’s already int he email address.  This will be up to Molly.

The President and Communications jobs are now merged.

Here are the current coordinator jobs and who’s filling them:

President and Communications Coordinator: Molly

Treasurer: Jon Swaney (until a replacement is found)

Graphic Design: The kids typically do this with mild supervision.  Aidan?

Concessions: Kathleen

Publicity: Liz would like to turn most of this over to the kids, so this position

        might dissolve.

Box Office: Andrea

Tech Rehearsal: Emily

Ad Sales: Laurie

Costumes: Brenda?  We forgot to email her!!!  Ack!!!!

Locker Decoration: Michelle Josephson (?)

Cast Celebrations: Emily (plus the family that is hosting the party)

Webmaster: Emily

And then Dinner Theater.  What to do about that?

—not making a lot of money

—takes TONS of time

—taking time away from other year-long jobs that need to be filled

—Liz does not have strong feelings

—how do the kids feel?

—>we threw around the idea of turning this into a Dessert Theater!  This would simplify the jobs but still create a special evening for the kids—and a way to sell more tickets to the spring show.  Everyone seems excited about this option, at least as we transition with Liz and head towards a PAC.

We also discussed the idea of a Senior Night for the spring show.  This would occur on Thursday and be an attempt to boost ticket sales.  Include some kind of food or gimmick to make it fun.

Liz is considering some new things including the one act play competition and the possibility of a winter show instead of the rushed timeframe of the fall show.

Business ad streamlining:

—can there be a blind copy email sent out?  Laurie emphasized the need for

        personal contact, at least int he follow-up.  Initial contact can be a blind copy, but

        we need people to make those calls.

—deadlines need to be clear

—Laurie proposed a list of donors at the open house so that new Boosters can add

        names they think of.

Ticket prices: we are all in agreement that the new prices should be $10 for general admission and $8 for students and seniors.  For both shows.

—Audrey and Dane should get in free forever

Concessions Sales:

—we talked about noise control.  How to keep audience from crinkling bottles and

        wrappers during the show?  Increase intermission and make an announcement

        about noise.  Perhaps forbid food in the theater?

—Kathleen proposed eliminating rose sales in favor of a separate water table.  The

        rose sales are poor.  Also, many people have to stand in the long food line even if

        they only want water.

We talked a little bit about trying to understand the split finances of the Boosters (school account vs Boosters account) but there is not a good understanding of this system.

Last topic: how to get people to come to the open house and sign up for jobs?

—big sign-up poster on wall (for coordinator jobs)

—flyer handed out to the kids to take home

—invite the kids to come along, too (and bring parents?).  This idea was not


—Call it the “Director’s Meeting”

—make it mandatory for kids’ participation?

Greely Drama Boosters Meeting Tuesday, February 2, 2016

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Present: Audrey Northway, Joan Guild, Jon Swaney, Emily Pershing, Heather Nicolau, Molly Washo, Andrea Murray Campo, Connie Russell, Brenda Clark, Kathleen Follett, Celest Emery

1. Call to Order: 7:05pm

2. Secretary’s Report: Approved December 2015’s meeting 

3. Treasurer’s Report:

  1. Report given by Jon Swaney and approved.

  2. The Greely Drama Program is grateful to accept donations given to the Jon

    Rolfe Scholarship, which was established in memory of Jon Rolfe, ‘88 GHS

    drama program graduate, to support Greely Drama.

4. Fundraisers:

  1. Pizza Fundraiser at Food Stop will take place Mondays and Tuesdays in March. Andrea will advertise on the Cumberland on-line community site.

  2. Mixed Bag Fundraiser: On-line sales only this spring

5. 8th Grade Night: Tuesday, February 9 

6. Learned Ladies

  1. Audrey’s Overview: Rehearsals have begun. This translation is a modern adaptation set in 20th century France. The set design is art deco. The play is in rhyme.

  2. Program:
    i. Student Designers: Kaitlyn Megathlin, Ibrahim Safeh, ...

    i i . Deadline for one-liners: February 26

  3. Posters:

  4. Tech Rehearsal -- tentative Saturday 12

  5. Head Shots: February 23. ​Ray Coyle, a local photographer will be taking

    headshots of all cast members and senior crew members.

  6. Dinner Theater: March 19, 2016. Andrea Murray and Sue Williams will be

    co-coordinators for the event.

    1. Menu Committee: _________________

    2. Vegetarian Cooks:

    3. Table Decorating: Emily P.

    4. Reservations/Seating Plan: Laurie L.

    5. Kitchen Food Prep: Connie Russell

    6. Kitchen Staff:_________________

    7. Kitchen Clean-up: ____________

    8. 2 Beverage people: _____________, ________________ 

    9. Recycling: Sue Pynchon

    10. Dining Room Set Up: Heather N.

    11. Dessert Set-up: __________________

      Dining Room Clean UP : ________________

    7. Audrey’s Thoughts and Requests:
        a. Requests: star charts, big old books, old-fashioned palette, man’s painting smock, wooden easel, busts of famous people, a gong (brass dinner gong), unique paintings, leather notebooks, sculptures, shelves, saffron robe or saffron sheet for the Buddhist monk, poofs (round ottomans, small ones)

    8. Cast Party: Saturday, March 19 

    9. Next Meeting: February 29. 

Drama Boosters Meeting, December 7th, 2025

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Drama Boosters Meeting

December 7, 2015

  1. Call to Order: 7:05 pm

  2. Present: Audrey Northway, Heather Nicolaou, Alex Nicolaou, Jon Swaney, Laurie Logan, Connie Russell, Brenda Clark, Sue Pynchon, Molly Washo, Joan Guild

  3. Secretary’s Report: Notes from meeting 11/19, Joan Guild via Tara Hill, approved.

  4. Treasurer’s Report: Jon Swaney reported; approved.

  5. Fall Production Thoughts: Into the Woods

    1. Ad Sales: Laurie Logan. Family Ads slightly lower, still had a strong sponsorship. There was discussion about creating theme templates specific to shows to model to  new families. We should continue with offering “one liners.”

    2. Concessions: excellent results

    3. Tickets: (FYI: a portion of the ticket sales is only money that goes into school account)

    4. Program: Laurie Logan. Many eyes are needed. Identifying students who are capable and willing will be important. We currently have 2 students apprenticing.  750 programs were ordered this year. Next year, we should order less.

    5. Publicity: Posters (Andrea), our digital sign. We need someone in charge of the Family Network and a Facebook page to better advertise prior to the show. There was discussion of improving our advertising to the other schools.

    6. Priority Seating:  We will reserve 48 seats per night. If you have more than one child, you can have double the seats (2/child).

    7. Child Supervision: We need two adults who sit on both sides of the aisles.

    8. Thank You Cards: Picture postcards will be sent to our sponsors.

  1. 8th Grade Night

  2. Spring Show: March 24-26, 2016.

  3. Showing of Into The Woods  and post-show party will likely be December 17. Ms. Northway will announce the spring show that night.

  4. Committees 2016-2017

An email will go out advertising the following:

  1. Advertising--Laurie Logan/Apprentice___________________

  2. Box Office--Mary Charlesworth. Apprentice_________________

  3. Concessions--Tara Hill, Kathleen Follett

  4. Costume Supervisor--Brenda Clark

  5. Fundraising--Connie Russell

  6. Locker Decorating--Michelle Josephson

  7. Publicity--Andrea Murray Campo

  8. Secretary--Joan Guild

  9. Spring Dinner Theater--Andrea Murray & Sue Williams

  10. Tech Rehearsal--Emily Pershing

  11. Treasurer-- Jon Swaney through 2017. Apprentice_________________

  12. Website--Emily Pershing

  1. Dinner Theater--Heather and Alex Nicolaou

  2. Next Meeting--February 1, 2016

  3. Meeting Adjourned: 8:15pm

Greely Drama Boosters Meeting, October 13th, 2015

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Greely Drama Boosters

October 13, 2015 Meeting

  1. Call to Order 7:05

In attendance: Audrey Northway, Connie Russell, Molly Washo, Sue Williams, Laurie Logan, Brenda Clark, Heather Nicolau, Tara Hill, Jon Swaney, Sue Pynchon, Emily Pershing, Celeste Emery, Randy Braley, Michelle Josephson, Mary Charlesworth, Andrea Murray

  1. Secretary’s Report from our meeting on September 24, 2015 was accepted.

  1. Treasurer’s Report was given by Jon Swaney.  There was some discussion about our non-profit status.  Jon will research the benefits of continuing as a 503c organization.

  1. Advertising Report was given by Laurie Logan.  Family Ads are due OCTOBER 14.

  1. Fundraising:

    1. Fall bag fundraiser: Keep selling bags.  Encourage your students to sell.  Forms are due October 30.

    2. Clynk: Celeste Emery passed around bags. Students can pick up green bags in Ms. Northway’s room if they need more.

  1. Fall Production: Into the Woods

Volunteers Update:

Audrey’s Update

Prop Needs:

a three-legged milking stool

small birds

golden eggs

old bread

wooden pizza paddle

      7. Sign up for reserved seating soon.  See Volunteer Spot link on our Greely Drama Boosters website.

Next Meeting will be Monday, November 9

Open House and Meeting September 24, 2015

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Greely Drama Boosters
Open House and Meeting September 24, 2015 7pm

1. Call to Order​ 7:05pm by Molly Washo. There were approximately 25 parents plus Audrey in attendance.

2. A welcome and overview of Greely’s drama program w​as presented by Audrey Northway.

3. Information for new (and returning) parents: S​chedules and other important information can be found at the G​reely Drama Boosters website.

4. Treasurer’s Report ​was given by John Swaney.

5. Advertising Report​ was given by Laurie Logan
    Needed: Volunteers to call businesses to solicit ads! Please contact Laurie Logan at​ if you can help with        
    this important fundraising effort.
    Deadline: F​amily Ads and One-liners are due October 14.

6. New opportunities ​available to new parents:
  •     Concessions Coordinator Apprentice
  •     Treasurer Apprentice
  •     Box Office Apprentice
  •     Locker Decorating Apprentice 
Apprentices will work with current parents and lead the effort next year. Please let Molly Washo know if you are interested in     helping with any of the above. Molly can be reached at:

7. Fundraising:
    --The Fall Mixed Bag Fundraiser is underway! This has been a successful fundraiser in the past, so please consider supporting        
    Greely Drama by purchasing these fun products. In addition to ordering through a paper form brought home by students, 
    parents can order directly through (use code 8991). D​eadline for ordering bags: October 30.​ 
    Connie Russell will be explaining the Mixed Bag Fundraiser to cast & any available crew members at 3:30 p.m. Friday 10/2
    --Clynk Bags: students can pick up the green clynk bags in Ms. Northway’s room.
    --Finally, and n​ew this year ​is an opportunity to purchase a F​amily Sponsorship f​or $75. As a sponsor, you will receive 2 tickets    
    for the show of your choosing with priority seating and a one-liner ad in the program. This is a great opportunity and one that 
    benefits families and our program!

8. 2015 fall production of Into the Woods:
    The Boosters work hard to support the cast and crew of Greely Drama. All families should expect to make a contribution in this    
    effort. We truly appreciate your participation.

    Please go to this link at V​olunteerSpot ​to sign up to help in one or more ways. Here is a list outlining some of the ways families     
    can support the fall production:
  •     Costume Ironing 
  •     Tech Rehearsal on Saturday, November 14. We need a few parent volunteers to help supervise and organize food. 
  •     Locker Decorating. Please contact Beth Baldacci if interested in helping. 
  •     Box Office 
  •     Concessions 
  •     Cast Celebration 
  •     Thank you cards 
  •     Business Ads are still needed. Please contact Laurie Logan at l​​ t​o volunteer.
9. Priority Seating:​ please use V​olunteerSpot ​for priority seating sign-ups.​

The n​ext Boosters Meeting​is at 7 pm on Tuesday, October 13 in rm 152 at Greely High School.

Thank you for Supporting Greely Drama Boosters!

Greely Drama Boosters Meeting August 24, 2015

posted Oct 1, 2015, 9:01 AM by webmaster GDB

Greely Drama Boosters Meeting August 24, 2015
Greely High School

Present: Molly Washo, Tara Hill, Sue Pynchon, Emily Pershing, Brenda Clarke, Laurie Logan, Audrey Northway, Joan Guild

    1. Call to Order 7:05pm

    2. Secretary’s report from the last meeting was accepted

    3. Committee and Volunteer Needs:
            Senior Coordinator/Apprentice: M​olly Washo,​________________(apprentice)
            Concessions Coordinator: T​ara Hill,​_______________ (apprentice)
            Cast Celebration Coordinator: _​__________________
            Dinner Theater (Spring): Andrea Murray, Sue Williams, _​__________________ 
            Volunteer Coordinator: ______________                              
            *We will need many new parent volunteers this year. Please stay tuned for opportunities

    4. Fundraisers ­­ Fall Bag Sale; Marjorie Ferris

    5. Open House
            School Open House: 9/10/2015
            Boosters Open House for Parents: 9/24/2015. T​his is a mandatory meeting for parents of cast and crew members.

    6. Fall Production: Into the Woods. 
            Show: 11/19­-11/22 (Thursday through Sunday)
            Tech Rehearsal: 11/14/15 (Saturday)
            Dress Rehearsal: 11/16/15 (Monday)
            Ad Sales Committee/Deadlines/Ideas
                Coordinator: Laurie Logan
                Ad Prices: same as last year
                Team (8 each): Tara Hill, Karen Gallati, ___________, ___________, _____________, __________________                  
                Deadline for Ads: 10/16/15
            Program Design: Kaitlin Megathlin, Tristan Scilipoti
            Box Office/Tickets: Mary Charlesworth, Coordinator, ____________________ (apprentice) Ticket Prices

    7. Other Items
            Student Meetings:
                9/8 For All Cast and Crew 9/15­­9/16 Auditions 2:45 to 5:30/6 stage
                9/17 Tech Meeting 2:30 room 152
                9/18 Cast Meeting, first required rehearsal 3­5:30 stage

    8. Next Meetings:
            September 24
            October 13 (Tuesday)
            November 9 (Monday) 

Meeting Adjourned 8:05

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