Booster Meeting, November 7th, 2018

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Cast Party – 11/20, Host: Sarchi (7:00 - 11:00 pm).

  • Cell phone coverage not good. Kristi will share phone number in case parents need to call.
  • Last year – Pizza. Cut back on food provided – there was too much leftover last year.

New Officers

  • Many officers are Senior parents. Several positions will need to be filled for Fall 2019.
  • 8th grade/freshman parents: It has been communicated that we need new booster members 
  • Catherine Stine will do Ticket Sales (will train with Mary McDonald)
  • Keith Bubblo will be Treasurer again next year
  • Katie Dexter has volunteered to take on something (TBD)
  • We should plan a recruitment announcement after West Side Story (spring show).
  • There was an announcement to kids at dress rehearsal to spread the word that we need families that are interested in helping to reach out to Greely Drama Boosters.

Almost, Maine – To Do’s

  • Need ticket seller for Tuesday, 11/13, during lunches (all set - Mary McDonald)
  • Michelle Josephson will do locker decorating for Almost, Maine but will not do West Side Story.
  • Emily Pershing – She has been updating the website (ongoing). She also helped Lisa/Liz proof the program. We will give her 2 complimentary tickets (good for any night). Webmaster edit: so generous--thank you so much!!!
  • Show is going well per Liz. Working on final touches.
  • Put out a request out for more trees – people are responding! Does anyone have bins with covers to store the trees in? Most were left for us as standing or in bags.
  • Costumes - all set
  • Tech day - pizza and donated salads 
  • Brian Gilbert t-shirts – any orders?
  • Kevin asked that strike be focused. Kids are assigned tasks and parents should wait to see what’s left after the kids do what they’ve been asked to do. Kids get emotional when it’s gone too fast.
    • After strike Greely Drama is moving all to GCA – will need a lot of help with the move. Liz & Kevin will be in touch about what is needed for the move (trucks, etc.)
    • There are 20-30 racks for costumes. The space is not as big as they thought it was going to be – sheet-rocked in instead of left open. John Hankinson mention it was probably due to fire code.


  • Question posed to group (Krissy Brown):  Do those working concessions watch the show for free? What is Boosters past experience with this? Decision after discussion: Working start to finish – YES; Short shift – NO
  • Sign-up did not have donations for Saturday – will wait to see what’s left over from Thurs/Friday.
  • Concessions & Tickets Cash Boxes
  • Keith Bubblo has spoken to Mary McDonald about cash needed for Almost, Maine
  • Protocol for counting money at end of each performance 
    • At least 2 people needed to count money 
    • Carrie Burnsteel will take $200 for next night’s concessions sales then Keith Bubblo (Treasurer) and/or Krissy Brown (President) will take remainder to the bank and deposit.
  • Tickets: Heather Giandrea & Mary McDonald did last year. Completed forms for ticket sales after each performance. Both counted, sealed and signed off.
  • Concessions: Carrie Burnsteel – 2 people counted, signed envelope and gave to Liz Rollins.
    • Protocol - Counted twice, labeled by day sold, sealed and signed over seal
    • Per Kevin Rollins – There is no reason for concessions box to be locked in school office. Last year we did this to ensure safe place for storing funds over the weekend.
    • Keith Bubblo (Treasurer) will take cash box from Concessions and do bank drop box each night. The concessions cash box ($200) will be kept by concessions leader (Carrie Burnsteel) overnight after each performance. For Almost, Maine, Carrie is not available so Keith Bubblo (Treasurer) will take the cash box overnight when Carrie is not able.

Bank Account

  • Krissy Brown spoke to the bank about getting a debit card for Greely Drama Boosters account for more convenience re: deposits, withdrawals. She will work with Keith Bubblo regarding protocol for Treasurer. 

Ticket Giveaway Idea

  • Krissy Brown presented idea for West Side Story ticket giveaway (like a 50/50 raffle) at performances. Keith Bubblo said he has a roll of tickets. The boosters were not totally in favor and the idea was tabled.
  • Carrie - is it gambling? We should find out.
  • We could hold a free drawing at the library, town hall or other spot that has high traffic.

Potential Sponsors

  • Keith Bubblo will contact Greely Center for the Arts builder and architect to see if either company will be willing to sponsor West Side Story. This topic was re-visited from past Booster meeting – Still pending.


  • John Hankinson – submitted Scarborough High School show program and ticket as examples. Ticket shows spot where advertiser can put an ad
  • Greely Center for the Arts – ticketing will probably be handled by manager of GCA. Need to talk to them about the process.

Halloween Fundraiser – WOW!

  • Successful!
  • Takeaways:
    • Concessions at the end instead of during – would probably sell better. Bother with them at all?
    • It was great to hold it in enclosed area instead of outside
    • We should advertise earlier – need more prep time.
    • We should focus on one or the other – scary walk or Fairy Tale Walk.
    • If we do both – do on separate days (too exhausting to do both in one day)
    • Some kids went more than once – can we control this? Ran out of candy – twice!
    • Need to control Tuttle Road side door – people kept letting folks in that way.
    • Most people said they heard about it via Facebook and/Library
    • Should market on all Family-Mommy Networks in area to spread the word
    • Fitting that Fire Dept came – It was Fire Prevention Month
    • Next year have a photographer taking pics of characters and trick or treaters. This would alleviate the backup that occurred when folks stopped to take pics
    • People kept saying they LOVED the singing!
    • Kids loved hearing about how much we made – so successful! Like to know they help us!
    • Next year spread out more in the school.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Keith Bubblo – reimbursement for Senior Sendoff was deposited
  • He also presented itemized financial report to the group (see separate attachment)
  • Kathleen Follett – Clynk Bags so popular she had to order more!
    • Heather Giandrea mentioned a breach that occurred at Hannaford that ended in 2 employees being fired for taking Clynk bags and cashing them in as their own. This may be a reason if we notice that less money is coming to us from Clynk compared to previous bags. 

Liz Report

  • West Side Story rights are due - $3500. Need to pay soon. Will receive and invoice for this.
  • Spotlights – we need to purchase (is this something that the Boosters can fund)?
  • After we get into GCA we need to make a list of things needed (and prioritize).
  • John Cariani – huge success!
    • He was great with the kids
    • Liz shared pictures and an email he wrote to her
    • Liz created a poster of his workshop and shared on social media (Maine Theater Collective)
    • Forecaster – was suggested we contact them to run story. Liz stated that they have not been supportive of Greely events and activities and focus more on Falmouth/Yarmouth. It was decided that we should still contact if we want to market events.

GCA Tour – John Hankinson is working on this and will get back to group with details.