Booster Meeting, August 29th, 2018

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6:30 p.m. 
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I. OPENING OF MEETING: (who was present?)
Krissy Brown, Boosters president, opened the meeting. Krissy shared with the group that she is busy with selling her house but is committed to doing her best to lead the Boosters as president.

The first item of business was the announcement for the need of a Boosters secretary for the year. Robin Sidders volunteered.


A detailed discussion took place regarding our fall fundraiser. A flier was passed out with specific information. 
  1. Specifics
    • Name of Event: Fairy Tale Trick or Treating (ages 3-5), Scary Woods Walk (Ages 7-9) 
    • When: Saturday, 10/27 (Rain date: 10/28) 
    • Where: Twin Brook (A map was handed out.) 
    • Who: Greely Drama students and family and friends (basically anyone who wants to help!) 
    • Contact person: Kathleen Follett at kbfollet@gmailcom 
    • Other specifics are on the flier that was passed out.
  2. Discussion 
    • The students will be in charge of their own scenes. They are in charge of getting actors, props, etc. They will fill out a form with  their ideas and it will need to be approved by Liz Rollins.
    • We need two students to be stage managers for the event. It was noted that a student cannot be both a director of an act on the Scary Woods Walk and a stage manager.
    • Help is needed – especially for the technical side of things. There are limitations with power. John Hankinson offered a generator (but there is a noise concern with this idea).
    •  Liz Rollins mentioned she had received a donation of 110 tea lights that could be used.
    • Also discussed was the possibility of using dry ice and water to produce fog.
    • There is a hopeful plan to have a group go out to the site and clean up the paths to prepare for the event. We will ask the students to have a clean up day. Adults will obviously also be welcome. John Hankinson has equipment to help with the clean up.
    • The students will be given a list of what they cannot use (i.e. fire).
    • The Red Building bathrooms will be open for the event.
    • There was slight discussion about the possibility of selling apple cider, water, donuts, etc. The goal, however, is to keep things simple.
There was discussion about advertising for the year. Some specifics that were brought up include:
  • It was agreed upon that this is the year to build our advertising, as the community is excited about the new PAC.
  • In the future we should put something on the back page of the Cumberland Recreation brochure.
  • It was suggested that we put something in the Cumberland Community email that goes out every Friday as well as the Family Network.
  • Mary McDonald will take on ticket sales this year.
  • Robin Sidders will reach out to Brian Sidders about helping with graphic designs (programs, t-shirts, etc.).
  • Liz Rollins will take on making sure posters are made.
  • There were suggestions about making re-usable signs to put up around town.
Open Discussion about Ads: Our main thrust should be for the spring show. We hope to change to focus to a calendar year rather than a school year commitment (i.e. Pay for your spring show ad as well as the following fall).

Emily is still doing the website.

Liz Rollins handed out a calendar. Calendar specifics include:
  •  September 6 – First Student Meeting (2:30 p.m.) 
  • September 11 – Open Stage (2:30=4:00 p.m.) 
  • September 12 -- Auditions (2:30-6:30 p.m.) 
  • September 23 – Next Booster’s Meeting (6:00 p.m.) 
  • September 23 – Parent Meeting (6:30 p.m.) In the Band Room. 
  • September 26 – Open House. 
  • October 5-7 – No rehearsals (but possible tech prep) (Columbus Day weekend) 
  • October 27 – Halloween Fundraiser (Storm Date: October 28) 
  • November 9-14 – Tech Week 
  • November 12 – Full day Rehearsal / Dress Rehearsal 
  • November 13 – Full Run Through of the show 
  • November 15-18 – RUN OF THE SHOW 
Keith Bubblo, Boosters treasurer, gave a report. A report was passed out with specifics.

An open-ended discussion took place regarding The Northway Scholarship Account.
It was brought up that we should make note that we need a future discussion regarding ticket prices.

An update was given about the PAC. 
  • There are some concerns about the costume area as really only being storage space (1/3 of the space if directed for district storage). We need to create racks and shelving for the costumes. We will need money for this. Suggestions included racks or piping from floor to ceiling to hold 1000 pounds of costumes. 
  • The Boosters are hoping for a tour of the facility some time soon. 
  • It was proposed to reach out to the architectural group to donate tickets to the local community. Keith Bubblo offered to cover making contact regarding this. He plans to talk to Doug Breer. 
Liz gave an update regarding both shows. Specifics include:
  1. Dance Clinic
    • We will have a dance clinic several Wednesday afternoons to prepare for the spring musical. 
    •  Our past chorographer has been hired. We are hoping for five 90-minute dance clinics. These have been worked into the rehearsal schedule. 
  2. Almost, Maine
    • We have the royalties and rights for Almost, Maine so we are good to go. 
    • Almost, Maine is not expensive to put on and there are 19 roles available for the students. 
    • Rehearsals will be Monday – Thursday the first month. There will be fewer time commitments for the actors in terms of rehearsing for this play. 
  3. West Side Story
    • There have been conversations with Chris Hoffman about finding a way to keep the kids from shying away from this play since it is difficult.  
    • “It’s a challenging show” says Liz, “our kids need a challenging show that is worthy of their talents and experience.” 
    • We have to tackle the racial tension in the play. A consultant will come in and work with the students about this. 
    •  If you get questions about the play regarding it being controversial, Liz asks that we have the people talk directly to her. 
    • There have been concerns about rallies outside of the PAC due to these tensions. It’s important to help our community know (thought publications, etc.) that this show is supposed to be “edgy." We are going to tackle these issues from an educational point of view.
  • Robin Sidders mentioned that she cannot make the next Booster’s meeting due to work commitments and asked Krissy to find a volunteer to take the minutes of that meeting. 
  • The parent meeting will be an important night to try to recruit volunteers and new parent boosters. 
  • Open house: It was discussed that we should set up a hallway table with information about Drama Boosters at Open House. 
  • Seat for Northways in PAC: It was discussed, voted on, and approved that we will purchase a plaque for a seat in the PAC for the Northways. Mary McDonald will look into this. The Boosters will pay $250 for this gift and it will be presented to them opening night of the spring play. 
Respectfully submitted,
Robin Sidders
Boosters Secretary