Booster Meeting, December 4th, 2018

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6:30 p.m.

ATTENDANCE: Krissy Brown, Beth Ramsey, Scott Jones, John Hankinson, Kathleen
Follett, Heather Giandrea, Lisa Gove, Robin Sidders, Katie Dexter, Erin Farnham, Dan
Panici, Keith Bubblo.

Thank you notes for ad sales were discussed. It was decided that we would use a picture
of the group and write the thank you on the back. Thank you notes to sponsors are
already out. Advertiser thank you notes are not out yet.

We have a debit card now to make things easier for deposits and purchases.
Pat’s Pizza Night was a success. Good feedback regarding ordering the food in advance.
Tour of the PAC (GCA) was successful. The students were amazed and thrilled.
Problem: small costume room.

What do we need to purchase for the GCA:
• The most urgent thing is storage. We need a lot of storage in the
costume/prop space. We will have to build it.
John Hankinson stated that his company might be able to help with the
storage issues
Idea: Perhaps we can get the Eagle Scouts to help.

• We need tools for the shop. (i.e. Table saw). We also need a drill press
and a chop saw. The school administration won’t let us use used things
due to safety concerns.

• We also don’t have any follow spotlights. We need two (cost: $500-
$5000). Liz believes that the spots we need are about $2000 each.

• We need an area for concessions.

• We need some clothing racks.

• Kevin Rollins wanted us to know that we may not have enough lighting
Everything is wired for LEDs so we need adapter boxes to use the old

• It was noted that we could still use the old lights for dance performances
as they often light from the sides of the stage.


A financial summary was passed out. See specifics on summary report.

John Hankinson asked what are chances are to be able to talk to
Foundation 51 for a grant we might need. Grants come through in the fall
and spring. We notes that perhaps this is how we could get things like
spotlights with the Boosters covering other costs (i.e. Storage, etc.)


Almost, Maine was awesome. The kids felt prepared and comfortable. It
was different as the kids were more supportive to each other. It helped
that there weren’t any leads in the play. They were also good at critiquing
each other. Liz thanked everyone that helped.

Other input on Almost, Maine: The northern lights were wonderful and
the music between the scenes was perfect.

A short discussion took place regarding when to have the musical and
when to have the straight drama show in the future. Liz also brought up
the One Act festivals and the possibility of bringing this back to GHS in
the future.

• Kids have a meeting tomorrow where they will get music and lines for auditions.
Auditions will run Dec. 17-19.
Day 1 of Auditions: Dance and open stage to work with each other.
Day 2 of Auditions: Singing and reading lines
Day 3 of Auditions: More dancing and callbacks.

• After all high school students are casted we may fill in parts with community
members and staff (specifically 4 men).

• Cost : Near $15,000

• Liz wants to get an email out to students who have not been in drama in the past.
A list went around the group for names of students.

• Lisa Gove brought up the possibility of someone sponsoring the musicians.
Maria Edwards (Norway Savings Bank) is excited about us and we are hoping she
will consider sponsoring musicians in the pit. It was mentioned that the Cook
family might also be interested in this.

• We filled 88% of jobs for Almost, Maine.

• Problems with an inaccurate email going out.

• We discussed the possibility of getting Greely water bottles for the kids to have
backstage as there are water bottle refill stations near the green room.

• John Hankinson asked what is being planned in late January for the
Community Wide Open House for the GCA. Questions on if middle
school students will be involved. Answer not known.

•ADVERTISING: Lisa wants to get things started a couple of weeks earlier than
usual. It was set up as having the big push this fall but we can still push for more
in the spring.

• Krissy stated we need to start recruiting to fill positions and should look into the
8th and 9th grade families. She was surprised not many people showed up for the
first initial meeting in the fall. Perhaps it was because it was a Sunday.

• We should create a prioritized needs/wish list with expenses. Kevin Rollins will
find out tomorrow when we can go into the shop to start building things. We
need to start doing research on what we need. Liz said she might not know our
needs until we actually get into the space. It was agreed that the most urgent need
is storage.

• COSTUMES: Brenda said costuming was easy for Almost, Maine. She is
looking forward to working on West Side Story.

Respectfully submitted,
Robin Sidders
Boosters Secretary