Booster Meeting, June 13th, 2019

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Greely Drama Boosters Meeting

June 13, 2019

Attendance: Krissy Brown, Kevin Burnsteel, Keith Bubblo, Kathleen Follett, Julene Gervais, Kathy Carlson, Catherine Adolphson, Peter Segal, Heidi Alfreds, Mary McDonald, Liz Rollins, Kevin Rollins, Brenda Clark, John Hankinson, Gloria Nicholson, Lisa Gove, Jennifer Segal

Call to order

Krissy Brown, outgoing President called the meeting to order.

Krissy introduced Julene Gervais as the pending incoming President and then introductions of all in attendance proceeded.

Krissy introduced the nominations of new officers for the upcoming year:

President: Julene Gervais

Volunteer Coordinator: Gloria Nicholson

Treasurer: Keith Bubblo

Secretary: Ramona Pancini

Graphic Designer: Gloria Nicholson

Concessions: Catherine Adolphson

Box Office: Catherine Stine & Heidi Alfreds

Costume Supervisor: Brenda Clark

Locker Decorating: Beth Ramseyer

Mary McDonald moved to vote to nominate the above list of new officers in whole

Kevin Burnsteel seconded the nominations

A vote was unanimous for the above list of officers

Discussion on the officer positions that are still open:

Advertising Coordinator



  • It was discussed, and decided that the Publicity position would be rolled into and/or combined with the Box Office position as historically, Publicity has been coordinated by the Box Office Chair.

  • Lisa Gove gave a quick overview of the Advertising Coordinator’s role and will give Peter Segal more detailed information at a later time.

  • Kathleen Follett gave a quick overview of the Fundraising Coordinator’s role.

  • The positions of Advertising Coordinator and Fundraising Coordinator will remain open. A suggestion for incoming Booster parents to consider co-chairing one of the open positions to make the work more manageable, and less daunting.

It was brought up that Abbey Civiello, who is the student involved with graphic designer requested more student help as she will be a senior next year and she would like help and would also like a successor to begin learning the process.

Financial Report

Keith presented a Financial Summary

The majority of expenses were from “West Side Story”

The Financial Summary shows expenses paid for equipment in the Greely Center for the Arts that were used in “West Side Story”

Money from the Capital Account was used to purchase equipment in the Greely Center for the Arts - equipment that was used in “West Side Story”

Keith pointed out that the Financial Summary also shows a mistaken deposit of $7,253.22 that was then deducted from the account as it was an error by Atlantic Federal Credit Union

Kevin & Liz Report

Kevin presented the budget information from “West Side Story”

He projected the budget spreadsheet from “West Side Story”  for booster members to view.

Kevin Burnsteel asked about planning financially for a fall musical this year. This will be an unusual year as the two shows - spring 2019, and fall 2019 will be back to back musicals. The question was brought up about having the financial ability to do back to back musicals.

Keith Bubblo and Kevin Rollins will meet to combine their financial information to create a more cohesive understanding of the financial needs in the fall.

As there were many new members of the Drama Boosters in attendance, there was a review of the history of the Greely Drama Booster organization. Reviewing the reason for the founding of the boosters, the purpose and goals for the Booster program, and the division of expenses between Greely Drama Boosters and the ticket sales.

The school system does not have any money budgeted for Greely Drama

The drama program is completely funded by ticket sales and booster contributions. The school holds onto ticket sales money in a school account. The Greely Drama Booster program is solely for fundraising and volunteer coordinating.

Liz announced the fall show will be a musical. “Frozen Jr.”

Liz has requestd the rights for 5 shows. The plan is for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights with Matinees on Saturday and Sunday.

Auditions will be in early September

Vanessa Beyland and Sarah Bailey are on board again.


Kevin will meet with Catherine to discuss in more detail about concessions.

A reminder that concessions is one of Greely Drama Boosters fundraising opportunities

In reviewing Concessions for “West Side Story” Kevin said we did not make as much money from concessions as in past shows. He thinks part of the problem is the new venue does not allow people to bring food or drink into the auditorium, so people are not buying as much.

Look in to the future, he recommends only selling water, not soda or other options.

He thinks some baked goods are popular, and candy such as Swedish Fish.

He recommends borrowing the coolers from the basketball team (boosters?) to keep a large volume of waters cold.

He thinks concessions should continue but on a limited basis.

Kevin and Carrie have suggested offering families pre-bought sandwich dinners. It was decided to let the next year’s Booster Committee discuss this option.  

In Addition:

Thank you to Krissy Brown for her years of dedication to Greely Boosters. She has always been there as a volunteer - ironing, donating food, setting up concessions, selling tickets, calming the nerves of the many cast and crew. This past year she took on the role of President. She was a dedicated and passionate President. We thank her for all her work and effort and the impact she has had on our children’s lives.