Booster Meeting, March 7th, 2019

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Greely Drama Boosters Meeting

March 7, 2019

Attendance: Kristi Sarchi, Carrie Burnsteel, Keith Bubblo, Lisa Gove, Kathleen Follett, Krissy Brown, Jen Segal, John Hankinson, Tim Farnham, Erin Farnham, Kevin Rollins, Brenda Clark, Scott Jones, Colleen Foley-Ingersoll, Kevin Burnsteel, Liz Rollins

Tickets and Box Office & GCA Website

Jen Segal attended the meeting to offer an update on ticketing and the Box Office. Tickets will continue to be General Admission. They are currently working to get an online ticket purchasing system up and running. The goal is to have online ticketing working by end of next week. The company providing the online option will take care of printing tickets and mailing them, either to the individual recipient, or picked up at the box office. Sponsor comp. tickets will continue to be paper for now.

There are 518 seats, including handicap, allocated to the show. For the purpose of accounting, it would be helpful to have a very tight accounting system. For complimentary tickets, we may need to pull those tickets from the number of online seats allocated. We need to decide how many online tickets we want to offer and how many paper tickets we need on hand at to sell at the box office. Mary and Catherine have information about tickets.

Decisions need to be made as to where the payments for the tickets will go. The expectation is that they will will go directly to the Greely Drama account at the school. 

Reserved seating is tricky to offer in a public school for a variety of reasons, so we will continue to not offer reserved seating; however, we will need to reserve some seats for volunteers. Ushers and volunteers need to sit in reserved seats, not with family, as they will need to get up and out of the auditorium before other people. We will need someone to oversee the volunteers and finances. 

The Greely Center for the Arts’ website will be updated soon with information about “West Side Story”, contact information, and link for ticket information. Jen will also add a link to the Greely Drama Boosters website. We need to give Jen box office open hours so she can put that information on the website. Liz will send the promo information for use on the website. 

Northway Scholarship

A Scholarship form was given to the Guidance Department to include in the scholarship packet given out to seniors. 

On the Northway Scholarship form there are 2 required questions students must answer, and 2 additional questions students can respond to if they want. The completed scholarship forms are due April 24th.



Alex Lear from the Forecaster interviewed three students. Look for something in upcoming issues of the paper. Publicity photos will be sent to the paper as well. Posters are ready, and are currently being put up all over town. If anyone has any place to put a poster, Liz has them - you can get them from her and put them anywhere you think would be appropriate. Also… out of town! Don’t forget to put them in towns around the area. 

Mary has contacted publications with promo information.

The final rehearsal schedule is out.


Audrey’s Seat Presentation  

The presentation of Audrey’s seat will take place during dress rehearsal on 3/25th, during  -intermission. (intermission will be around 6pm). Booster members are welcome to attend.


We will need to request the same amount of waters as the previous show.

We will need to request only  ½ of drinks as previous shows - as we have many left overs from the previous show.

We will need to request the same amount of foods (with the exception of chips)

We will need to request  only  ½ chips as previous shows - as we have many left overs from the previous show.

We will not offer foods with frosting or anything similar that could possibly stain, and/or ruin theater chairs or carpet. Food will not be allowed in the theater, but we need to make sure that if food does get into the theater, it cannot stain or ruin anything.

Concession Volunteers Needed: 

1 person to set up 6-9

1 person from 6:30 to end of night -  including concessions after the show, clean up  and money counted

1 person from 6:55 to end of night -  including concessions after the show, clean up  and money counted

New volunteer request from Jen Segal

Ushers: 4 ushers will be needed - primarily to prevent food from getting into the theatre. 

Lobby person: to stay in lobby to help with ticket sales and concessions when the show starts.

Check on number of garbage cans available and in the lobby. 

At the end of the night the money needs to be counted by 2 people.

Money will go home with Carrie or Keith. Keith will check with Jen to see if she has a safe that we can use for concession money. The school office safe is also an option.

Mary has bins in her basement she would like to pass on to someone. The Burnsteels have bins in their basement they would like to pass on to someone also - it may be possible to store the concession bins in the new concessions area.


Wish list for the show: large glass candy jars, small vanity table (with or without mirror), old basketball rim - the metal rusty old style rim, spot light - needed for future and for West Side Story.


Drama expense requests:

D22 (x2) - potentially - (potentially about $1300 each)

Follow  Spot (Lycian Zot) White LED (daylight) - $3175ea/including shipping

Diffusers X22 - $28 each

Sure Countryman E6Mic - $330/each

Body Pack Transmitter (sure ULX) - $200/each

Wireless Receiver - $450/each

Costume racks X 25 - estimated $75/each

Paint Cabinet - $600


Digital Snake

Discussion on what to buy for the Drama Department - using the funds in the Capital account.

Kevin Rollins will get a more accurate quote on the D22 .


Follow  Spot (Lycian Zot) White LED (daylight) - $3175ea/including shipping

Diffusers X22 - $700 each

Kevin Burnsteel will get a quote on Costume Z Racks - 


Mics needed for West Side Story - 22 kids need to be miked. We have 14.

Buying 6 mics, is proposed.

Sure Countryman E6Mic - $1980 total

Body Pack Transmitter (sure ULX) - $1200 total

Wireless Receiver - $2700 total

Costume racks X 25 - estimated $1875

Ironing Boards (x2) - $150

Miscellaneous - $500 

Total: $14,880

John Hankinson makes a motion to authorize the Drama department to spend up to $14,800 on the above items - 

Kevin Burnsteel makes a motion to authorize the Drama department to spend up to $14,800 on the above items and that the $2600 was a limit to spend on the D22

John Hankinson makes a new motion to authorize the Drama department to spend up to but not more than 15,000 on the above items.  

Keith Bubblo seconds the motion

Krissy calls for a vote. The motion is adopted by consensus.

Keith Bubblo has authority to move $15,000 from the  capital funds into regular checking to pay for these items.


Currently we have 45 sponsors and businesses for “West Side Story”

15 of those are new sponsors or businesses!

Lisa Gove is working with Jen Segal to create a logo display of sponsors on a flat screen that will be in the lobby during the performance days.


Pot Luck on Tech rehearsal - 3/23/19 lunch at noon

Sign up to be created  - Sandwich bar (same as last year’s potluck)

Cast and Crew party - Sarchi Family will host again.

Date: potentially early release Wednesday - April 3rd - 2pm