Greely Drama Boosters Meeting August 24, 2015

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Greely Drama Boosters Meeting August 24, 2015
Greely High School

Present: Molly Washo, Tara Hill, Sue Pynchon, Emily Pershing, Brenda Clarke, Laurie Logan, Audrey Northway, Joan Guild

    1. Call to Order 7:05pm

    2. Secretary’s report from the last meeting was accepted

    3. Committee and Volunteer Needs:
            Senior Coordinator/Apprentice: M​olly Washo,​________________(apprentice)
            Concessions Coordinator: T​ara Hill,​_______________ (apprentice)
            Cast Celebration Coordinator: _​__________________
            Dinner Theater (Spring): Andrea Murray, Sue Williams, _​__________________ 
            Volunteer Coordinator: ______________                              
            *We will need many new parent volunteers this year. Please stay tuned for opportunities

    4. Fundraisers ­­ Fall Bag Sale; Marjorie Ferris

    5. Open House
            School Open House: 9/10/2015
            Boosters Open House for Parents: 9/24/2015. T​his is a mandatory meeting for parents of cast and crew members.

    6. Fall Production: Into the Woods. 
            Show: 11/19­-11/22 (Thursday through Sunday)
            Tech Rehearsal: 11/14/15 (Saturday)
            Dress Rehearsal: 11/16/15 (Monday)
            Ad Sales Committee/Deadlines/Ideas
                Coordinator: Laurie Logan
                Ad Prices: same as last year
                Team (8 each): Tara Hill, Karen Gallati, ___________, ___________, _____________, __________________                  
                Deadline for Ads: 10/16/15
            Program Design: Kaitlin Megathlin, Tristan Scilipoti
            Box Office/Tickets: Mary Charlesworth, Coordinator, ____________________ (apprentice) Ticket Prices

    7. Other Items
            Student Meetings:
                9/8 For All Cast and Crew 9/15­­9/16 Auditions 2:45 to 5:30/6 stage
                9/17 Tech Meeting 2:30 room 152
                9/18 Cast Meeting, first required rehearsal 3­5:30 stage

    8. Next Meetings:
            September 24
            October 13 (Tuesday)
            November 9 (Monday) 

Meeting Adjourned 8:05
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