Drama Boosters Meeting, December 7th, 2025

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Drama Boosters Meeting

December 7, 2015

  1. Call to Order: 7:05 pm

  2. Present: Audrey Northway, Heather Nicolaou, Alex Nicolaou, Jon Swaney, Laurie Logan, Connie Russell, Brenda Clark, Sue Pynchon, Molly Washo, Joan Guild

  3. Secretary’s Report: Notes from meeting 11/19, Joan Guild via Tara Hill, approved.

  4. Treasurer’s Report: Jon Swaney reported; approved.

  5. Fall Production Thoughts: Into the Woods

    1. Ad Sales: Laurie Logan. Family Ads slightly lower, still had a strong sponsorship. There was discussion about creating theme templates specific to shows to model to  new families. We should continue with offering “one liners.”

    2. Concessions: excellent results

    3. Tickets: (FYI: a portion of the ticket sales is only money that goes into school account)

    4. Program: Laurie Logan. Many eyes are needed. Identifying students who are capable and willing will be important. We currently have 2 students apprenticing.  750 programs were ordered this year. Next year, we should order less.

    5. Publicity: Posters (Andrea), our digital sign. We need someone in charge of the Family Network and a Facebook page to better advertise prior to the show. There was discussion of improving our advertising to the other schools.

    6. Priority Seating:  We will reserve 48 seats per night. If you have more than one child, you can have double the seats (2/child).

    7. Child Supervision: We need two adults who sit on both sides of the aisles.

    8. Thank You Cards: Picture postcards will be sent to our sponsors.

  1. 8th Grade Night

  2. Spring Show: March 24-26, 2016.

  3. Showing of Into The Woods  and post-show party will likely be December 17. Ms. Northway will announce the spring show that night.

  4. Committees 2016-2017

An email will go out advertising the following:

  1. Advertising--Laurie Logan/Apprentice___________________

  2. Box Office--Mary Charlesworth. Apprentice_________________

  3. Concessions--Tara Hill, Kathleen Follett

  4. Costume Supervisor--Brenda Clark

  5. Fundraising--Connie Russell

  6. Locker Decorating--Michelle Josephson

  7. Publicity--Andrea Murray Campo

  8. Secretary--Joan Guild

  9. Spring Dinner Theater--Andrea Murray & Sue Williams

  10. Tech Rehearsal--Emily Pershing

  11. Treasurer-- Jon Swaney through 2017. Apprentice_________________

  12. Website--Emily Pershing

  1. Dinner Theater--Heather and Alex Nicolaou

  2. Next Meeting--February 1, 2016

  3. Meeting Adjourned: 8:15pm
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