This year's performances will be:
November 16th, 17th & 18th at 7:30pm
 November 19th at 2:00pm
Tickets are on sale now!

Congratulations to the Cast!

From left in back: Cori Farnham, Kyle Sidders, Camden Bubblo, Kallie Brown

Front: Ben Follett

The Guys:

Sky Masterson - Camden Bubblo 

Nathan Detroit - Ben Follett

Nicely-Nicely Johnson - Kyle Sidders

Benny Southstreet - Pablo Burnsteel

Rusty Charley - Rylan Harrison

Big Jule - Kate Ramseyer

Harry the Horse - Abram Dwyer

Joey Biltmore - Ashton Weagle

Society Max - Cam Sarchi

Brandy Bottle Bates - Livy Giandrea

Angie the Ox - Izzy Chandler

Lt. Brannigan - Josh Herreid

The Dolls:

Miss Sarah Brown - Cori Farnham

Miss Adelaide - Kallie Brown

Aunt Arvida Abernathy - Christina Gove

General Cartwright - Clarissa Campo

Agatha (mission band) - Mollie McDonald

Priscilla (mission band) - Kate Hall (flute)

Charity (mission band) - Audrey Hankinson (clarinet)

Temperance (mission band) - Ryssa Philbrick (trumpet)

The Hot Box Dancers:

Mimi - Annalise Panici

Beverly - Livy Giandrea

Lily - Eliza Ingersoll

Shirley - Paige Jones

Patty - Sophie Kaplan

Gladys - Izzy Chandler

Monique - Issra Louhichi

Dixie - Sutton “Doll” Dolloff

Gangsters:  Eliza Ingersoll, Issra Louhichi, Audrey Hankinson, Hannah Kropp

Women’s Ensemble: Kylie Josephson, Audrey Hankinson, Bella Griswold, Ryssa Philbrick, Kate Hall  & Hot Box Dancers

Opening Night Special!

Thursday, November 16th

Senior Citizen tickets for opening night 
will be available for $6 
with a reservation* 
*Reservations must be for Thursday, November 16th starting at 5:00pm 

Blue plate specials and regular menu options will be available for purchase. For dinner reservations, please call 

Tickets for the Thursday night show will be held at the door for restaurant patrons!


Please check our Schedule page for the current  rehearsal calendar.

Booster Information

Opening Night: Thursday, November 16th!

Liz's Wish List!

If you have any of the following items to contribute to the show, please contact Liz or Kevin.  

Thank you!

Help with painting the set! Anyone is welcome Saturdays between 9-3.

Helpers who can do hair in the style of the 40s

New or gently-used makeup donations

Cheesecake, doughnuts, sandwiches

Real red carnations (15 per show)

Smoke/fog machines

Wire trash bin (large, like on the streets of NYC)

Tools for the Performing Arts Center, especially a table saw

Support Greely Drama!

There are many easy ways to support Greely Drama!
Visit our Contributions page to learn more!

More Pictures!

Some pictures from past performances are available in the pull-down "Photos" menu, above, but there's also a huge collection of photographs and posters from recent productions at this new site!


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