Greely Drama is a labor of love by the students, faculty, and by you--the parents. School funding for the drama program is extremely limited. Without parent involvement, we would not be able to offer our kids the opportunities to create and perform in two fabulous productions each year.

Boosters typically meet several times a year as a large group; committees may meet as often as needed, as directed by the committee coordinators. Each committee, facilitated by the Volunteer Coordinator, is responsible for organizing help in their area. There are also many small but invaluable positions and tasks that you can assist with, even if you are unable to commit to a larger role.

The amount of time you contribute is up to you, but we hope you will find something that you are able to help with. The Boosters work very hard to support the cast and crew. Please join us!

Director: Elizabeth Patterson

Technical Director:

Music Director:

Costume Supervisor:


President: Julene Gervais

Treasurer: Keith Bubblo

Secretary: Ramona Panici

Advertising Coordinator: Heather Tayler

Box Office: Catherine Stine & Heidi Alfreds

Concessions: Catherine Adolphson


Graphic Designer:

Publicity: Colleen Foley-Ingersoll

Volunteer Coordinator: Gloria Nicholson

Webmaster: Gloria Nicholson