2012 December 3

Post date: Dec 5, 2012 12:34:01 PM

Greely Drama Boosters Meeting

December 3, 2012

Present: Audrey Northway, Beth Ramseyer, Mary C. George, Tara Hill, MJ Dedon, Nita Dehais, Veronica Routh, Brenda Clark, Marjorie Ferris, Joan Guild, Annie Beagan, Sally Somes

1. Call to Order: 7:05 pm

2. Treasurer’s Report: Wait for Pam

3. Fall Production--42 Street report:

Committee follow-up reports:

Ad Sales: Nita: few businesses still outstanding ($1200). Total sales did well overall.

Program: Stacey not present. Would like to find a person to shadow Stacey in the next year so we can keep up the great work that happens with our program.

Publicity: Fabulous article in Forecaster. Tara will write a letter to say thank you to the Forecaster for writing this article on HS theater.

Making posters for each student as a souvenir--is this possible to do again? In the past a parent has taken the time and effort to do this (slightly different size and material).

Tara will call Atlantic Bank to see if they are willing to be our sponsor for another 3 years.

Concessions: MJ: We made about $1500 total. We had many volunteers who baked and volunteered to help sell.

Tickets: Mary C. George: We sold 820 tickets ahead of time. We had $6400.00 revenue.

Audrey has set the max at 350, but she believes that, even with our equipment, we could sell 400 tickets, but she would double check with fire department if we ever do.

Cast Party: Thank you Ferris Family! Marjorie reported that everyone had a great time.

Show Seating: Veronica: How can we avoid having groups of people cut the line? Ideas: Post clear signs/messages in key places:

“Seating on a first come, first serve basis. To allow fairness to those who arrive early, please do not cut the line with groups of people. Be respectful to those who have been waiting in line...etc.”

Put a sign near the line? Put something on the tickets? Put something on the bulletin? Make announcements at meetings?

Should we reserve rows with preferential seating for seniors or those who work the lines?

We will need to think about how to change the current problem. For now, put tables in hall poolside and put a sign on pool doors: “No entrance to play from these doors.” Veronica will write a message for a sandwich board.

Fundraising: Marjorie: quick discussion about t-shirt sales beyond what we give students--decided this is not a money making endeavor.

Tara: Food Stop pizza in February. Sally will publicize.

Marjorie: Bags made $1300.00

4. Audrey’s Thoughts/Requests:

The show went smoothly thanks to much hard work by many.

Big bills coming in for lumber and the fly lines around $2200.

Collages will be coming out soon, but we are still waiting for a few more photos.

Post Show Get Together: Tuesday, December 18, after school in the library. This is a cast and crew party--all are welcomed to come. DVD of show will be shown.

Annie will create a “DVD tree” to help make copies of the DVD.

5. Next Meeting:

Monday, February 4, 2013, 7 pm

Meeting Adjourned: 8:25pm