2012 September 18

Post date: Oct 2, 2012 3:58:34 PM

Call to Order: 7:02 pm

Drama Boosters Meeting September 18, 2012 Greely High School

Present: Booster’s Senior Coordinator Tara Hill, Stacey Collins, Joanna Brinker, Veronica Routh , Joan Guild, Celeste Emer, Nita Dehais, Sally Somes, Mary George, Karen Gallatti, Brenda Clark, MJ Dedon, Pamela Rowe, Chris Bouchard, Marjorie Ferris, Beth Baldacci, Audrey Northway

Treasurer’s Report: reported by Pamela Rowe. Summer expenses include tap lessons, Maine State Music, and a donation to the Casey Greene Scholarship fund in honor of past booster parent Dawna Greene. Boosters had an income of $685.70 from the bottle drive headed by senior Jonathan Ferris. Total in savings is $13,145.30

Senior Coordinator’s Report: Tara Hill reported the boosters’ change of leadership structure:

After some thought and planning this summer, the boosters changed the structure to allow more people to be involved with less duties. With the breakdown in leadership, the Senior Boosters Coordinator oversees a number of coordinator positions.

New Parent Handbook: Please see to understand roles of coordinator positions and specific duties. Hopefully people will step up and take on more than one responsibility. You may download this on the drama boosters’ website.

Website: Please visit the new and improved Greely Drama Boosters Website! Please link to: Greelydramaboosters.org

Volunteers are working on creating more coordinated emails and a consolidated site. Regarding volunteer opportunities for all parents, the website will have downloadable PDFs with step by step instructions for each volunteer job. We hope this helps new parents stay informed and involved.

Mail Address: Greely Boosters PO Box 117

Cumberland, ME 04021 Upcoming Meetings: There will be an important

Mandatory Parent Meeting Tuesday, October 2 6:30 pm in the Commons

This is the most important parent meeting of the year, and parents of children involved with the fall show need to attend.

Please spread the word, especially to new parents!

There are upcoming Boosters Meetings on October 23 and December 3 at 7pm in Mrs. Northway’s classroom at GHS.

Fundraising News: The Greely Drama program is self-supported. All costs of each show are covered through ticket and program sales. We need everyone’s participation to make this a successful program. Marjorie Ferris, coordinator of Clynk bags, Food Stop Pizza Fundraising efforts, and our Bag Sale Fundraiser announced that we will start selling bags on October 2nd at our Parent Meeting. Note- -50% of profits come back to Greely Boosters! Your involvement with sales and your support are truly needed and appreciated!

Ad Sales:

Nita Dehais reported that there is already a group of 10 parent volunteers making contacts. If you can think of a business who would like to place an ad in our program, please let Nita know. If you would like to purchase a Family Ad, please visit the website. Worksheets for the Business Ads will also be posted on the website.

Check with Nita before you solicit any business to find out if there is a history of declining. Nita’s contact can be found on our website.

Ad Sale Due Dates:

Business ads due October 11

Family Ads due October 15 (if you need help designing your ad**)

Family Ads due October 18( if your ad is ready to go)

**Note to Families: We have a student willing to help if you need ideas and guidance with your ad. Please ask Stacey Collins for assistance.

Fall Production News:

*The Show will run November 15-18

*Tech Rehearsal is Saturday, November 10

*Dress Rehearsals Monday and Tuesday, November 12-13

Mrs. Northway’s Calendar:

The Director’s Calendar comes out every 2 weeks. Stacey Collins will put on the website and every student will receive a hard copy from Mrs. Northway. There is very important information on this calendar. Please review. New parents, please note the time commitments, especially as we near the show. Parents are welcomed to watch practices during rehearsals.

Rehearsal Expectation of students from Mrs. Northway:

*Students have to keep up with their grades and stay healthy. During final practices, students can complete their homework while they are not on stage. That is the expectation from Audrey; older students model this, so please encourage your child to bring homework to rehearsals!

*Music Tech rehearsal take a long time. Tech Rehearsal starts at 9 am with Music and Sound. Actors arrive at 2 pm and then rehearsal can go as late as 11 pm, even later.

*Dress Rehearsal on Monday, November 15 will go until around 9pm

*Rehearsals on Tue/Wed finish closer to 6 pm

* On the day of Performances, report to make-up as early as 4

*Doors open at 7pm , and students are at school until 10 pm at the earliest on the night of the


Prop needs so far: A wheelchair, older looking suitcases,

Costumes: Brenda, our Costume Coordinator’s contact is on website. We will need 5-6 adult ironers

who can bring their own board and arrive at 4 for evening shows and 11 am for matinee.


Pat’s Pizza tradition --after Sat. show. This is a fun tradition, but not a drama sponsored activity. Please make your own decision and set parameters for driving to and from Pat’s and time spent at Pat’s.

Cast Party: Tuesday Night after the show. Announcements will be made regarding event and volunteer opportunities will be announced at Oct. 2 parent meeting.

Next meetings: Oct 2, Oct. 23, December 3 Meeting Adjourned: 8:15 pm

Respectfully Submitted, Joan Guild, Secretary