2013 August 26

Post date: Sep 2, 2013 1:15:53 AM

In attendance: Audrey Northway, Tara Hill, Karen Gallati, Beth Snow, Heather Nicolaou, Brenda Clark, Mary C. George, Michelle Kurlanski, Celeste Emery, Annie Beagan, Nita Dehais, Nancy Ray, Joan Guild

1. Call to Order 7:05 pm

2. Welcome and Introductions

3. Fundraising:

Bag Sales--Marjorie Ferris will continue to coordinate this effort; 2nd or 3rd week in October. Audrey wants to avoid fundraising too close to the show.

Bottle Drive in July raised more than $500.00!

Clynk Bags--please share!

4. Open House for all Parents of Cast and Crew: September 18 at 6:30pm

We will advertise at the GHS Open House on September 12.

5. Fall Production: Legally Blonde. November 21-24

Ad Sales Report--

We need volunteers to help sell ads:

This is an all important fundraising effort as Drama is not supported by the school. Ticket sales cover some of our costs, but half of our expenses are covered by ad sales.

Volunteers are needed to call businesses to solicit sales. Some businesses advertise every year, so the job is not all “cold calling.”

Program--Responsibility has shifted to students. Two students (Dare Guild, Kaitlyn Megathlin) have been trained and will work on the program on Tech Saturdays. We would like to have an underclassman join the team next spring so that Kaitlyn has an apprentice next year.

Webmaster--Karen Gallati will be working on developing our web page. See GreelyDramaBoosters.org for drama updates.

Communications--Karen Gallati at karengallati@gmail.com will send weekly emails. Please send an email to Karen if you have important information to share.

6. Other Boosters Volunteer Opportunities for Parents:

MJ Dedon needs an apprentice for Concessions

Tara would love an apprentice this year to work with her in her role as Boosters Senior Coordinator.

7. Audrey’s Thoughts and Requests:

Audrey’s calendar: Students pick up the calendar that has rehearsal and other information for all cast and crew. The first calendar will be handed to kids on Tuesday after Labor Day.

This will also be posted on the website.

Sarah Bailey will be the music director for the musical again this year.


--Chihuahua and a Bulldog. If you know anyone who has a stage dog…

--Hair salon chair. Needs to just look like it belongs in a beauty shop.

--LSAT Study Books (looking for 4-5)

--Band (jackets) and Cheering uniforms. Blue and white is the preference, but other colors might work.

--Empty Red Bull cans

Students have been singing and learning to dance this summer. Practice will happen this upcoming week. Auditions are Sept. 9th and 10th.

First Tech--Saturday, September 14

Cast will be between 45-50.

8. Boosters Meetings: Mondays (except for Drama Open House), 7pm, in Audrey’s room.

October 7

November 4

December 9

9. Meeting Adjourned: 8pm