2013 December 16

Post date: Dec 29, 2013 1:04:23 PM

In Attendence:

Audrey Northway, Tara Hill, Karen Gallati, Michelle Kurlanski, Sarah Holman, Sally Somes, Celeste Emery, Heather Nicolau, Alison McMonagle, Mary C. George, Molly Washo, MJ Dedon, Emily Pershing, Pam Rowe, Nita Dehais, Laurie Logan, Barbara Armstrong

1. 7:05 Meeting Began

2. November Boosters Meeting Minutes Approved

3. Pam Rowe gave the Treasurer’s report.

4. Nita Dehais

Family Ads should go to Nita before going to student program designers. The website will be updated to reflect this step.

*We will need more people working on dds next year*

Over half of our income comes from ad sales. Sarah suggested reaching out to businesses early in the new year. Tara said that it will work if a few people take on

5. Program

Two students were the program designers this year.

Important notes for next year: need to have an adult to supervise. Stacey Collins stepped in and helped the students in the end. Although the program turned out very well, it will be important to provide support for the students as needed.

6. Concessions

MJ Dedon reported that the concessions were successful. There were lots of donations and many hungry people during intermission who supported the stand.

7. Priority Seating

Not as many people used this system, but overall parents were pleased with it.

8. Ticket Sales report was given by Mary. (missed discussion)

9. Thank you cards

Michele Kurlanski volunteered to send out thank you notes.

If there is anyone that needs to be thanked, please let Tara know.

We usually thank businesses (approximately 70)

10. Thank you Gallati’s for hosting Cast Party. Karen said the students were great.

11. The post show Get Together will be this Wednesday, 6:30-8pm, in the Library. There will be a slide show and all cast and crew are invited. If students can’t make it, they should stop by Mrs. Northway’s room on Friday. This is a drop-in. If anyone can send in water or small goodies, thank you.

12. Fundraisers: Every Monday and Wednesday in February, Food Stop donates a portion of their pizza sales to Greely drama. Spread the word--Eat Pizza in February

Wal-Mart donated $1000 (thank you Beth Baldacci).

13. Communication. Ben Ray created a facebook page for the musical. Audrey was wondering if this is the most effective way to communicate with students.

14. Pictures

Wes Franklin (and two students) took over 2000 pictures. Audrey has been sorting through the pictures and has chosen about 100 and will be photocopying before Wednesday’s get together. Molly asked if we could possibly have a photo sale as a fundraiser. There was some discussion about how this might work. Audrey cannot add this project to her list. Tara will send out an email to see if we can find a volunteer.

15. Next Play

Audrey is reading plays, but she has not made a decision yet.

16. NYC trip.

A trip in February 2014 is unrealistic at this point because of the short time frame to prepare for a trip. We would need at least 35 people to make this a cost effective trip. Audrey will keep the list of students who sold more than $100.00 from the Mixed Bag sales so they can use their funds to help defray the cost of a trip next year. Audrey would like this trip to be inclusive next year and the additional year would give more students time to earn the money. Selection would also depend on past and current participation in drama, and even seniority, if the interest is very high.

17. Next Meeting will be February 3, 2014.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:10 pm.