2019 November 5

Greely Drama Boosters Meeting

November 5, 2019


Brenda Clark, Gloria Nicholson, John Hankinson, Ramona Panici, Erin Farnham, Julene Gervais, Keith Bubblo, Heather Richards Taylor, Liz Rollins, Colleen Foley-Ingersoll, Beth Ramseyer, Catherine Adolphson, Kevin Rollins, Heidi Alfreds, Catherine Stine,

I} Halloween Fundraiser Wrap Up

Keith Bubblo announced that $1900.00 was earned during the fundraiser in total. Donuts were the #1 best seller, with chip running second. Cider was a hit. Next year, the committee should plan to provide these for concessions along with donut holes. $350.00 was spent on candy to provide to the Trick or Treaters. Kevin Rollins will get the signs used for the event to Heather Richards Taylor who will store them. Next year, the group would like to do a raffle as we did this year.

II} Ticket Sales/Distribution

Live ticket sales began today and are going very well initially for the matinees. Box Office staff are still determining the complimentary ticket process, as well as other needs for smooth sales. The group discussed options for parking because the event will be held on the same day as the Greely Craft Fair. People are welcome to email coordinators with questions.

III} Report from Advertising Coordinators on Program Sales

Heather Richards Taylor reported that companies have been e-mailed to solicit space in the program and several have responded. Volunteers will continue to visit businesses and the list of business contacts is growing. Julene Gervais recommended each parent assist by talking to at least one family member or friend about putting an ad, one-liner etc. into the program. Lisa Gove has made contact with Abby Civiello to work on program design. Jack Gervais and some students associated with Kevin Rollins are also interested in working on the programs to learn graphic design skills. John Hankinson will contact a retired colleague who can help students develop these skills. We are still in need of a pit sponsor.

IV} Publicity

Colleen Foley Ingersoll will contact news outlets to publicize our next show. Group members divided the task of hanging up posters Liz Rollins brought to the meeting to advertise the show. Liz will create posters with the drama students names on them to hang around the town.

V} Upcoming Show: Once Upon a Mattress

Liz Rollins is sending calendars home with students highlighting important preparation dates for the upcoming show. November 16 will be a formal Tech Rehearsal and November 18 is a formal Dress Rehearsal. November 16 there will be a potluck supper for all involved and there will be an on-line signup for volunteers. It was suggested that the middle school drama students could sell tickets for a 50/50 raffle at each of the shows and Keith Bubblo will announce the winners during intermissions. The group voted to compensate the musicians more in order to reimburse them for the extra show they will be playing this year. People were encouraged to bring easy to eat snacks for concessions and a sign up form will be available on-line. The group will discuss our next winter fundraiser at the next Booster meeting.

Meeting ended at 7:08 pm.

Respectfully Submitted

Ramona Panici, Secretary Drama Boosters, 2019-2020