2019 October 1

Greely Drama Boosters Meeting

October 1, 2019


Brenda Clark, Gloria Nicholson, John Hankinson, Catherine Stine, Peter Segal, Ramona Panici, Heidi Alfreds, Lisa Gove, Erin Farnham, Catherine Adolphson, Julene Gervais, Keith Bubblo, Heather Richards Taylor, Katie Dexter, Beth Ramseyer, Liz Rollins, Kevin Rollins, Sarah Bailey, Stuart Bailey, Kathy Carlson

I} Introduction to Greely Drama Program for 2019-2020 Season (6:00-6:28 pm)

Liz Rollins handed out a written introduction to the program which included a description of the current show, important dates for students and parents to consider, a rehearsal schedule, and the current tech schedule. She emphasized that education of students and shows developed as a vehicle to enhance their skills remain her dominant priority. All students, parents, and community members are welcome to become involved in tech workshops for the current show.

Liz reported that the students are currently involved in theatre games and improvisation to improve on-stage timing and chemistry. They are learning to relate to one another in a comedic way. Both Liz and Sarah Bailey commented that the students appear to be enjoying learning the music and the show. The year is getting off to a good start.

Kevin Rollins reported that the program has sponsored two very productive Saturday morning technical production meetings. He is beginning each session with education focusing on a technical concept that leads to technical production for the rest of the time. This represents a golden opportunity for people who are interested in learning about the technical aspects of theatre. Several parents commented that their students are happy and excited about their time with tech this year. As the show develops, Rollins wants to help students learn skills in handling sound and light systems for performing arts.

A WISH LIST for the show is available on the Drama Program Website.

A request made for a Parent Volunteer to host the Cast/Crew Party on Tues. Nov. 26.

II} Comments from incoming Drama Boosters President, Julene Gervais (6:28-6:32)

Julene introduced herself. She discussed benefits of joining the Drama Boosters including investment in students’ creative education and opportunities to engage with the larger community in a dynamic way. She mentioned specifically opportunities for Boosters to interact with the expertise of Liz and Kevin Rollins and Sarah Bailey. Gervais has an extensive background in professional creative production (she produces GreenLight Maine) and noted the significance of the level of professionalism at Greely with the Rollins and Sarah Bailey. She noted the new performing arts center is “big time” and a proper match for the expertise of these three. Gervais invites community involvement, a sense of fun, and has an open door policy. She noted Boosters do not have to come to every meeting to get involved. She will provide minutes to members. She sees herself as a problem solver inspired by the idea that life is short and, above all, we should enjoy one another and the gifts of our combined creative efforts.

III} Report from Box Office Officer, Catherine Stine (6:32-6:57 pm)

Catherine listed a need for volunteers for the following positions:

Will-Call List Organizer

Head Usher and 6 or more other ushers for each show

Lobby Concierge

Publicity Person

Several decisions have been made:

People will be able to set up tickets on line 2 weeks before the show (Nov.4)

Credit cards can be used to by these but the buyer will pay a .99 cent fee

At the door, people can pay by cash, credit cards or checks

An e-mail may be sent to remind parents before sales begin

Ticket prices will increase to $10 for students/seniors and $12 for adults

Reserve seating should be set aside for ushers. Ushers must still pay for their seats

Several questions are still under consideration by Box Office including:

How to handle credit card information

How to distribute codes for Comp tickets

Whether parents should have an opportunity to purchase tickets early

Whether sold tickets that patrons determine later they cannot use can be resold before shows

Whether aging-in-place seniors may be invited to Dress Rehearsals

Current Requests/Needs:

Volunteers to help distribute posters

Volunteers (especially students) to volunteer for ushering

Advertising coordinator

IV} Report from previous Fund Raising Chair, Lisa Gove (6:57-7:22 pm)

Immediate Requests:

Someone needs to volunteer to chair this committee. The work can be done by co-chairs

Lisa Gove is happy to help train the new chair/ set of co-chairs

Someone also needs to volunteer to design the programs. A student did this previously and it can be a fun position. Lisa Gove can help coordinate training here, as well.

Several recommendations made:

Sales for shows should begin immediately

Both shows can be sold at once to save time/effort in the spring

Follow the process Lisa Gove has developed to sustain ad sales. This has been very effective with $10,986 earned last year

Figure out if using the Greely Drama PO box is still effective for sales

The current Google Drive has all the position info. needed for the Advertising Coordinator

The Advertising Coordinator works closely with the Web Designer (position is filled)

Understand that advertising creates a great opportunity for the broader community to get excited about the theatre and feel connected to the creative process.

Decisions Made:

Julene Gervais, Kathy Carlson, and John Hankinson volunteered to begin to do sales work for the next show

Other volunteers should contact Julene Gervais to determine how to help *many hands make light work

V} Fundraising (7:22-7:35 pm)

Halloween Fundraiser:

Date—October 26, 1:00-4:00 pm (Volunteers should arrive at 11:00 am)

Needs—8 plus volunteers to pull off the event. See Liz Rollins to volunteer

Other Fundraising Ideas:

Homecoming Night for former drama graduates. This would happen sometime over Xmas break. Performances by current and graduated students—cabaret style—dinner—silent auction and tickets sold. Potential date: 12-30-19

VI} Financial Report by Chair, Keith Bubblo (7:35-8:15 pm)

Keith handed out a 2- page Financial Summary dated 10-1-19. He explained data in the summary and answered questions from meeting attendees. Additionally, he handed out a 1- page form detailing the 2018-2019 Season Totals and explained these.

Group discussion about the genesis of the Drama Boosters Program, historical activities of the Boosters, and need for Boosters to raise money to supplement school supports.

Discussion centered around the possibility of setting aside some funds in future for the purchase of technical equipment to develop the Performing Arts Center. Greely Boosters discussed financial goals for the Boosters with suggestions made to consider a responsibility of between $11,000 and $15,000 to raise. Discussion about the important role of musicians in the shows and proper compensation for them.

The Drama Boosters meeting ended at 8:15 pm.

Respectfully Submitted

Ramona Panici, Secretary Drama Boosters, 2019-2020