2019 October 15

Greely Drama Boosters Meeting

October 15, 2019


Brenda Clark, Gloria Nicholson, John Hankinson, Ramona Panici, Erin Farnham, Julene Gervais, Keith Bubblo, Heather Richards Taylor, Liz Rollins, Kathy Carlson, Colleen Foley-Ingersoll

I} Introduction to Current Volunteer List (6:00-6:05 pm)

Julene Gervais handed out a meeting agenda and a written list of current volunteers. The list is as follows:

President: Julene Gervais

Treasurer: Keith Bubblo

Secretary: Ramona Panici

Webmaster: Gloria Nicholson

Box Office: Catherine Stine & Heidi Alfreds

Volunteer Coordinator: Gloria Nicholson

Advertising Coordinator: Heather Richards Taylor

Graphic Designers: Heather Richards Taylor & Abby Civiello

Fundraisers: Kathy Carlson, John Hankinson, Keith Bubblo

Costume Supervisor: Brenda Clark

Current Directors are as follows:

Director: Liz Rollins

Technical Director: Kevin Rollins

Music Director: Sara Bailey

The group expressed excitement that positions are filled and that meetings are well attended.

II} Once Upon A Mattress Progress (6:05-6:10)

Liz Rollins made cards advertising the show, Once Upon a Mattress, which can be distributed by volunteers. Posters are almost completed and will be ready for distribution soon. Chris Hoffman donated an I-PAD for use by the Drama program.


A WISH LIST for the show is available on the Drama Program Website. We are still collecting mattresses for the set.

Need a Parent Volunteer to host the Cast/Crew Party on Tues. Nov. 26.

Brenda Clark asked for shoes to be used as renessance footwear for boys sizes 11 and 12

Saturday morning technical production meetings are still being held at Greely and all are welcome to join. This represents a golden opportunity for people who are interested in learning about the technical aspects of theatre. Skilled painters are needed to paint 3D stones on set pieces.

III} Ticket Sales/Distribution (6:10-6:15)

Live ticket sales will begin Nov. 4. Box Office staff are still determining the complimentary ticket process, as well as other needs for smooth sales.

IV} Report from Advertising Coordinators on Program Sales (6:15-6:20 pm)

Heather, Cathy, and Julene met Friday to discuss processes associated with program sales. Companies have been e-mailed to solicit space in the program and several have responded. Volunteers will continue to visit businesses and the list of business contacts is growing. Liz Rollins proposed we put old programs in current businesses to give potential advertisers an idea about what their ad might look like in context. The group liked this idea. Julene Gervais recommended each parent assist by talking to at least one family member or friend about putting an ad, one-liner etc. into the program. People agreed to do so. Discussion ensued about the difference between full color programs versus black and white programs. The group is in favor of purchasing color programs although this is slightly more expensive. We may be able to recycle programs and order a smaller number. Heather Richards Taylor will contact Ocean View to see if residents would like to volunteer to usher.

V} Halloween Fundraiser (6:20-6:50 pm)

Halloween Fundraiser:

Date—October 26, 1:00-4:00 pm (Volunteers should arrive at 11:00 am)

Immediate Requests:

Volunteers to help with this event. There is a sign up form on-line.

Volunteers to donate apples, cider and donuts for concessions

Tents to borrow

Card stock arrows to direct participants through the event

Candy donations for Halloween characters to hand out to children

Costumes for volunteers to wear when they are working this event.

Volunteers to set up the event at 11:00 am

Volunteers to clean up after the event (from 4:00 -5:00 pm)


Liz Rollins created fliers which volunteers took to hang up around town. Stores, churches, and nursery schools will be targeted. Volunteers will contact the town halls and newspapers to advertise this event.

VI} Other Fundraisers (6:50-7:03 pm)

Other Fundraising Ideas Discussed:

Homecoming Night for former drama graduates. Date will be 12-30-19. This may be called The Alumni Cabaret with performances by current and graduated students. Decisions have yet to be made as to the venue and whether this will be a dinner or a dessert event. The group will discuss these questions, as well as ticket prices, at the next Boosters meeting. Other fundraising ideas will also be floated. All participants are asked to get Clink bags to use for fundraising.

VII} Other Business (7:03-7:10 pm)

Catherine and Keith will begin a Facebook Group to facilitate communication. Julene will act as administrator.

The Drama Boosters will meet again on October 29 at 6:00 pm in the PAC

Meeting ended at 7:10 pm.

Respectfully Submitted

Ramona Panici, Secretary Drama Boosters, 2019-2020