Booster Meeting 2/4/15

Post date: Feb 5, 2015 1:33:33 PM

Drama Boosters Meeting

February 4, 2015

    1. Present: Karen Gallati, Mary C. George, Andrea Murray, Heather Nicolau, Sarah Holmes , Anne Marie Sacco, Molly Washo, Tara Hill, Brenda Clarke, Nita Dehais, Celeste Emery, Laurie Logan, Beth Ramsayer, Pam Rowe, Emily Pershing, Audrey Northway
    2. There was no Secretary’s Report from December 2014’s meeting.
    3. Pam Rowe gave the Treasurer’s Report.
    4. Anything Goes follow-up. All new photos will be posted on a blogspot site. If you would like to see photos from Anything Goes, email Audrey and she will share the link to the blogs.
    5. Mary C. George reported on an effort to bring a Performing Arts Center to MSAD 51. This proposal will be part of the district’s 3-year Strategic Plan. Please email Mary C. George if you would like to on the email list regarding a future Performing Arts Center.
    6. Fundraisers:
    • Food Stop Fundraiser. Andrea will help with advertising, sandwich board for Main Street, and flyers.
    • Bag Sale. It was decided to save the major sale for the fall.
    1. 8th Grade Night is Tuesday, February 11.
    2. Audrey’s Report on While the Lights Were Out March 1921
    • Audrey is contacting Ray Coyle for the actors’ photos
    • Program: One-liners can be bought for $10 until March 2. Kaitlyn Megathlin, Tristan, and a new apprentice. Laurie Logan will work with Nita Dehais to apprentice for head of sales
    • Tech Night will likely be Saturday or Sunday, 3/14 or 3/15, 2ish pm to 8:30ish.
    • Ticket Sales will be during lunch shifts Monday-Friday
    • Crew Meeting is Thursday, Feb. 5 after school
    1. Dinner Theater will be March 21.
    • Andrea Murray will apprentice under Pam Rowe for the Dinner planning. Molly will email the volunteer sign-up sheets through Volunteer Spot. There will be many opportunities to volunteer, so please keep your eyes open for the upcoming email(s).
    • Pam suggests having a “manager” on the floor to help keep servers on task. Celeste volunteered to be this person
    • Logan Laurie will help with the Dinner Theater tickets sales on-line with Barb Armstrong
    • Cast Wood--Katie Wood has volunteered to host.
  1. Audrey’s Needs and Requests