Booster Meeting, April 11th, 2017

Post date: Jun 7, 2017 10:33:18 PM

No official secretary in attendance (there is no current secretary)

Booster members present: Kathleen Follett, Laurie Logan*, Brenda Clark, Sue Williams*, Emily Pershing, Andrea Murray, John Hankinson, Liz Rollins.

Members with an asterisk* have graduating seniors and are leaving Boosters. Thank you for years of amazing help!!!

Molly Washo came briefly to talk about the Northway Scholarship. Guidelines for the scholarship were handed out and a committee was formed to review applications.

Audrey Northway came at the end of the meeting to discuss finances and other technicalities.

Senior Sendoff will be Friday, June 16th.

Emily will reserve a bus

Liz will meet with the underclassmen to plan decorations and food

Sue and Laurie have picked a show, but it will remain confidential so the seniors are surprised

A few fundraising ideas were discussed, including:

A community yard sale at the school (at the end of September?)

A bottle drive (perhaps combined with the yard sale?)

We will continue Mixed Bag because it's easy and awesome

The focus of the meeting was on filling Booster vacancies and talking to Liz about her vision for the Boosters.

Liz is looking at Guys and Dolls for the fall. She is also excited about re-joining the One Act Festival competition in the future (the kids loved their time at the festival this year!). We still need a good way of getting parent emails so that everyone stays up-to-date.

The following positions were filled with unanimous approval (and enthusiasm!!):

Julie Otte is the new president

Harold Otte and John Hankinson are the new ad sales coordinators

Kathleen Follett is the new volunteer coordinator