Booster Meeting, December 4th, 2017

Post date: Dec 15, 2017 5:51:39 PM

Drama Booster Meeting Notes

December 4th

Attendance: Liz Rollins, Brenda Clark, Julie Otte, Heather Giandrea, Carrie Burnsteel, Kevin Burnsteel, Lisa Gove, John Hankinson, Andrea Murray, Erin Farnham, Kathleen Follett, Scott Kaplan, Krissy Brown

Volunteer overview:

We had 88% of the jobs for the Guys and Dolls show on the Sign up website filled. A great amount of parent volunteers this year! The only jobs we had a problem filling were ironing and ticket sales.

It was asked that we add the job of selling tickets prior to the show for adults to sign up for - rather than have the students sell (which has historically been the practice).

Ticket sales jobs - questioning the number of people selling tickets and when we sell:

Should we continue to sell during the parent teacher conference night?

We should keep the lunch ticket sale times but add selling during concession set up?

What about online ticket sales? There is a fee when you do online sales.

What about reserve online and then pick up prior to show (the worry being if people don’t pay for their ticket ahead of time, they may be no-shows)

Liz’s Report - Liz was very happy with this year’s production of Guys and Dolls. Kids were amazing - on stage - off stage - during rehearsal. Very focused group of kids. It was beautiful.

Liz had the first meeting with middle school drama. They did improv and played drama games - 57 kids showed up. 20 boys, 37 girls.

The plan is to have workshop style improv days until spring when the plan is from April - May to prepare for a show, which will be a one act play called, “This is a Test”

Any high school drama kids available to help are welcome!

Someone asked if Greely Drama Boosters will be a middle school and high school booster program. Might be a great way to get more parent input and support.

A question was brought up about how the budget will be affected if we add a middle school. How would we allocate funds fairly between the two schools?

Spring Show - Robin Hood written by Liz Rollins

Immediate Needs:

    1. There are many branches, logs for the set we need to cover - can we find a barn to store the wood in?
    2. Old furs to cover furniture and/or costumes
    3. Any ties to anyone who does archery - we need targets, bows, etc.

The show is a farce and has 20-30 characters

Auditions around the 20th of January

Show is 23rd-25th of March

Guys and Dolls finances - The School reimbursed everything to Liz and Kevin

Ticket sales have to go to school because it is a school function.

A question was asked - Why isn’t there an amount allocated from the school to give to drama?

School does not budget for anything but director’s fee, and set director.

The amount of money we give to the school - is used only for drama

Question is what is the amount in the school account.

Income from ticket sales - $8105

Saturday -$263, Thursday $209, Friday $254, Sunday $252

Income from ad sales -

Income for Family Ads & One-liners:

Income from concessions - $1,383.11

Patty made a deposit of $4684.40

Question about the scholarship money and the Vanguard account.

Should the Clynk money be listed as scholarships funds?

First show in the PAC - possibly get a way to make the first show free for Cumberland & No. Yarmouth residents. Could we get a sponsor? A way to thank the community. Any businesses that would help sponsor. Maybe a grant? Maybe Foundation 51. Do we have any parents who have experience writing a grant?

Concerns about lighting equipment in PAC - will we need to pay for new lights?

Looking for a parent willing to help Liz move forward with these ideas.

Recap -

Recommendations for the next show:

-Bathroom sign for the second set of bathrooms down the hall

-Why doesn’t the school promote the play more… It was not on the community e-mail, it was not on the school email, weekly updates.

-The Town of cumberland and No. Yarmouth did do a nice job promoting the play.

-The dinner at Louie’s prior to the show on Thursday seems to be popular

What can we do for more fundraisers? Louie’s, Ricetta’s, FoodStop,

-Tickets for Advertisers… should we deliver the tickets to the advertisers rather than have them sitting in the box office? Do they use them, do they know about them?

The Boosters is in need of new Officers!

Box Office - Mary McDonald (Thank you Mary)

Cast Celebrations (also Mary?!)




Next Meeting - 6:30pm, January 16th, Tuesday