Booster Meeting, February 2nd, 2017

Post date: Feb 12, 2017 11:01:04 PM


In attendance: Emily Pershing, Sue Williams, Kathleen Follett, Andrea Murray Campo, John Hankinson, Heather Giandrea, Kristi Sarchi, Laurie Logan, Sarah Holman, Rebecca Chandler, Michelle Josephson, Lesley Raley, Liz Rollins, Brenda Clark, Connie Russel, Lisa Gove

Liz: ticket sales money needs to go into school account (about $4,500 for ticket sales?)

PAC: Some money given years ago for this project that we’re going to need. One of the problems is that the committee has different ideas about how to use the space. For example, a possible dressing room (green room) is going to be turned into a meeting room? Architect presenting new design at the next meeting? There might be time to change this.

But, the plans are generally amazing and beautiful. Some highlights:

Cantilevered cement overhang elevator for handicap access

Video and audio monitors

Band and chorus rooms beautiful

Balcony! Eeeee!

Lighting galleries on the sides

Lighting booth in the back

510 seats plus handicapped

There’s also a designated yoga room? This is confusing to everyone. Why can’t yoga be done in the current gymnasium? The weight room? Sigh.

Fundraising: should we publicize more with Mixed Bag? Catalogues to distribute? Advertising table at performances? The company offers home goods now, too, so perhaps we need two catalogues?

8th Grade Night: table at that night to entice the younger kids. March 9th at 6:00pm

We should have:

-A big sign

-A sign-up sheet?

-Student volunteers

-Photographs to display?

Peril on the High Seas

Liz comment: this play was written recently, so there’s nothing outdated or unintentionally offensive. Very fancy and ritzy. Takes place on a cruise ship to England. Everyone is dressed up and excited. All of the characters share their time on stage—so there aren’t really any leads. Lots of wonderful characters. Pretty much everyone is on stage all of the time. Glitzy costumes.

The set is simple: two sides that are the ship, then a corridor in the middle. Very clever. Sides close to be the hold of the ship. Set splits to have a ballroom at the back.

Liz and Kevin (and kids!) gutted the makeup and tech rooms and all of the garbage is gone!! Yay!

Brenda question: show times? Will be 7:00 on Friday and Saturday instead of 7:30, also 2:00 on Sunday. Dessert theater is Saturday. Should we call it Coffee House? Theater cafe? Everyone likes Theater Cafe.

Ray Coyle—we should advertise him in the program and make sure parents know that they can get copies of the head shots! They’re really nice.

Tech Rehearsal: March 19th (everyone all day)

This will be a potluck breakfast and lunch with pizza. No chaperone.

Publicity: Brian has some great poster ideas. Will also do tickets. Andrea will print tickets.

Program: Gregory, with parent proofing.

One Liner deadline: March 3rd. They can be a few days late and we’ll still be ok.

Reminder to parents about One Liners—Kathleen? People need to know who to send their ad to and what the deadline is. $10 per One Liner.

Props needed:

Champagne bottles (a couple)

12 cafe chairs?

Steamer trunks for kids to sit on in the front?

Cast Party! Connie? On a boat? Waves of kids come at different times, so a boat might not be practical April 2nd? Parents bring food and carry it on

2:30, 5:30

Boosters get tickets for this?

How did the green card work out? Everyone did it! Maybe not all of the tech kids yet…

Liz has put all conflicts into the calendar

Theater Cafe:

Solicit desserts from all families

Cutters and platers (plate things strategically)

Sue is worried about kids with the dessert table. Maybe someone could stand behind the table? We could plate things strategically with kid-friendly items at the front? Or maybe just have publicity emphasizing the Sunday matinee as the preferred kids show.

Beverages served by student waiters? White top and black pants and aprons.

Iced tea



Hot chocolate

Punch? Something fizzy? Sparkling cider or ginger ale?

Dessert before the play and at intermission? Yum.

Add in lots of performers (skits, dance, etc) Entertainment while people sing, etc. Olio acts

Reservations: Laurie (first come first served) On website

Volunteer sign up: Sign Up. com Heather will do this!

Google Doc for desserts and other food volunteering?

Dessert staff are the platers

Champagne glasses from dollar store?




Clean up—Andrea?

Maybe we can use barrels from Sweetsers to camouflage the drink coolers?

Invite people to come dressed up to the theater cafe?

One Act Drama: just going to watch (Liz is judging)

March 11th (Saturday afternoon and evening)

Chaperones (2)

School bus (chaperones—at least 1—have to take the bus)

Cost of bus? Boosters will have to cover it (5-600?)

1 bus to Rockland and back


Tickets to get in

Kathleen and Heather will chaperone

Heather: deadline for the Foundation 51 one-time grant (for tickets only)

Total cast and crew is about 70

Next meeting: Wednesday March 1st (6:30pm)