Booster Meeting, March 1st, 2017

Post date: Mar 12, 2017 3:47:07 PM

Greely Drama 3/1/2017

In attendance: John Hankinson, Brenda Clark, Laurie Logan, Andrea Murray Campo, Julie Otte, Kristi Sarchi, Connie Russell, Michelle Josephson, Rebecca Chandler, Emily Pershing, Liz Rollins, Kathleen Follett, Sue Williams

Introductions for new members

Minutes accepted.

Fundraisers: table set up at the show? We can’t get catalogues (only 2) because we're doing an online fundraiser. We could order some samples and have flyers set out? We could also hand something out to the kids. Group order for those who do not want to place an order online?

Who is in charge of Clink? We need to ask Molly

Liz's Peril on the High Seas update: kids are excited but there are a lot of loose ends to wrap up. Show is going well, but still have to put the music in. Problems continue to be with people not being there when they need to be.

The forms have not improved things much. Although…kids are absent mostly when they said they would be, not at random times, so that's good.

Costumes: it’s a lot of work. Michelle offered to help Brenda with the last-minute sewing.

Tech this Saturday is only from 8-12:00 noon because of basketball win (yay!).

Lots of audience participation will be possible!

Laurie: program needs to have sponsors in it. Only 3 one-liners so far. Not a big surprise, though. Bios were due today—more than half were already done. Michelle needs a program for locker name list.

John: could we be selling ads for the fall show now? Laurie thinks it’s an excellent idea because there’s a big onslaught in the fall for money. Someone would have to be trained quickly for that because Laurie is leaving. There’s an established spreadsheet, so it shouldn’t be too hard. Pushback this year was that the money was already gone by the time we came around. We should start asking for sponsors in August.

Back cover of the program is still free. We could try to sell that now to include next year’s shows?

We've had a few impromptu sponsors, though! Paint for free from Sherwin Williams and True Value in Grey. Who does the thank you notes now? Nobody. Yikes. We should find someone to take that over.

Publicity is Andrea’s domain…and it’s already done!

Poster: Brian is done…and it’s great. Navy blue. Liz will send the graphic to Laurie asap

Laurie will make tickets

Gathering old-looking luggage (not modern) for the show. Foot lockers (John and Michelle)

Tech rehearsal (Sunday before the show—19th). Starts with tech and then everyone else comes. Light lunch with a bit of pizza. Lots of little pieces that need to come together.

Next Tuesday is Ray Coyle. Photos will be on the wall and then we will have some information in the program about how to get a copy of your kid’s picture. Ray is writing up something for the program.

Theater Café:

Volunteers will bring the desserts (Google drive sign-up)

Victoria Lattanzi works at the European Bakery…

Ticket prices the same but there’s no dinner—should be ok. The tickets cost has been really low for ages. Lots of time and money goes into this event.

Julie gave us some input about how Falmouth handles their soiree (tea and dessert). Prices are similar.

John: what to do for the cast’s dinner? Can’t really feed them because they’re in costume and have their makeup. Couple of salads for the cast and crew, maybe? Liz has a good resource for salad fixings.

Laurie will give Emily the table set-up

Liz: show will start at 7:30, people can eat and mingle before that. Enough time for everyone to get their dessert? Doors should open a bit before 7:00. How about 6:45pm? 6:30? We all decided on 6:30. Err on the side of early. Can always start the show early if everyone seems ready.

We need trays and a wait staff for the desserts. Kristi has trays!

Need three pitchers, too

Friday the ticket orders will start. Email early for Boosters

Seating needs to be moved towards the middle for this show. Nobody in the sidelines. For the regular show there will not be a center aisle! Custodians will need to know this.

Mocktails? Sparkling drinks? Kristi has a connection to Pepsi. Raspberry?

—>Ginger ale 1L wrapped in a napkin 40? 10 covers

Drinks: decaf?

100 more cups needed for coffee (Emily will do this)

coffee maker

Handing out tickets: there should be some help for Laurie.

Dress-up? Already beads and headbands for concessions… we could mention on the website or in the ticket order form that dress-up is an option.

One Act Play Festival on March 11th. Chaperones? 25 kids are signed up.

Bus: David Shapiro might be able to take care of this for us. Kids can attend for free and have access to everything. Probably leave at 8-9:00 (first show at 12:00), last shows are at 9:30-10. Food? Lunch is served—if kids bring money. Kids can bring food (cooler, etc).

Cast party: Casco Bay Lines for Mail Boat on April 2nd (Sunday) 5:45 boat is 2.5 hours with sunset. Boat will be empty. Can bring speakers, food, anything! $7.50 per ticket. Kids do not know about this. This will be the cast party. Heated, comfortable. In costume?

Freshman night usually has a booth with pictures (March 9th) 6:00-8:00pm

Senior sendoff? Liz talked about a roast instead, but it might be nice for the current seniors to have the traditional sendoff. Laurie and Sue will take care of the show, Emily will get the bus.

Summary of needs:

old suitcases for show

students for Theater Cafe wait staff (to carry dessert trays and serve sparkling drink)

students for freshman night

help with Theater Cafe tickets on Saturday night

three water pitchers on loan

ad for back cover of program?

Next meeting: Tuesday April 11th 6:30pm