Booster Meeting, May 1st, 2018

Post date: May 8, 2018 4:30:56 PM

Drama Booster Meeting Notes

May 1, 2018

Attendance: Liz Rollins, Julie Otte, Kevin Rollins, Brenda Clark, Carrie Burnsteel, Kevin Burnsteel, Ramona Panici, Krissy Brown, Mary McDonald, Kathleen Follett, Keith Bubblo, Heather Giandrea,

President Report:

Patty was unable to attend the meeting, Julie presented treasurer’s reports

Treasurer Report:

Report presented with account totals.

Checking Amount - $5,962.40

Savings Amount

Vanguard Amount

Robin Hood Review:

Robin hood was popular with the audience, including children. It was a lot of work for all, but the hard work paid off.

Having “Shout outs” available for people to write a “shout out” to a member of the cast or crew was popular, we should continue.

Concessions - questions raised about how concessions will change with the new Performing Arts Center. Question on how to handle concession cash in the future. Making sure we have two people counting to reconcile funds at the end of each evening’s performance. For the future we need to have policies and procedures in place for when we deal with cash.

Kevin prepared an extensive report of the Robin Hood Budget. Expenses with information on individual purchases: price and purchase place.

Robin Hood had a low budget as we did not have to pay for Royalty rights and much of the set was recycled items. Greely Theater Boosters did not need to fund any aspect of this show.

Ticket Sales = $5684

Concession Sales = $903

Expenses = $2229.41

Halloween Walk Fall Fundraiser

Kevin has contacted Peter Bingham and we have the dates - Saturday, October 27th with a Sunday, October 28th rain date on the books at the Rec. Department.

Coordinating Parent Organizers are: Kathleen Follett, Ramona Panici, and Krissy Brown

We will ask for 2 student volunteers to help oversee planning for the Fairytale Walk which will take place from 3-5, and 2 student volunteers to help oversee planning for the Scary Walk which will take place from 7-9

Summer organizing will have to happen to get this fundraiser up and running.

We will be looking for donations of any props, materials, lights, lanterns and storage facility for all the collected materials.


Senior Send off - June 8th. Cam Sarchi is organizing the students for decorating bus and planning food. Liz will order a coach bus. Chaperones are still needed. Kevin will collect names of students who will be attending.

Upcoming Middle School Play - “This is a Test” - a one act play by Stephen Gregg will be performed May 11 & 12 at the Greely Middle School. Tickets $5 at the door.

Planning for next year’s musical in the spring: Liz would like to do a big show and potentially offer two auditions. One audition would be for the major roles and would be for Greely High School students only. A second audition would be offered for middle school students and community members to fill smaller roles. This would be a great way to open the Performing Arts Center up to the community at large, a goodwill gesture. It was agreed that this would be a wonderful idea.

It was brought up that there is student concern about having to choose between a sport and drama. How can we address these concerns? Liz wants students to be aware that they can do a sport along with drama, but their role in drama will be dependent on the time commitment they can offer drama. Some roles are too meaty and work intensive to be able to have more then drama as a commitment.

Northway Scholarship - It was unknown if we had any applicants. It was unknown if the scholarship application was in the Senior Scholarship packet passed out by the guidance department. The status is unknown. Julie will contact Molly Washo and see if she has information on the status of the scholarship program. We may need to extend the deadline a week if we have no applicants.

Next Meeting - no date was planned

Submitted Minutes:

May 3, 2018

Kathleen Follett