Booster Meeting Oct 21, 2014

Post date: Oct 23, 2014 12:03:02 PM

Call to Order 7:01

In attendance: Mary C. George, Joan Guild, John Sweeney, Nicolau, Nancy Ray, Nita Dehais, Brenda Clark, Molly Washo, Emily Pershing, Tara Hill, Andrea Murray ,Laurie Logan

    1. Secretary’s report--accepted
    2. Treasurer’s report--none
    3. Fall Production

Ad Sales--Nita reports that all is looking good. We are expecting about the same as last year. Family ads are down. Last Wednesday was the deadline for family ads.

Playbill--Nita will be meeting with Kaitlyn and Tristan on Saturday

Tara Hill has the printing contact information: Tara will let Molly know.

Committee Updates

Tech Rehearsal--Emily and Nancy

Locker Decorating--Beth B.

Box Office (Mary George)--Molly will be posting times to volunteer

Concessions (Tara Hill)--Molly will start asking for volunteers

Costume sewing/ironing

Publicity (Andrea Murray)--Molly will send an email with a PDF attachment so families can print from home and post at work, church, around town(s), etc.

Priority Seating--Will send an email explaining how each student can reserve two seats on one night. This is a way to avoid having to wait in long lines

Prop Needs--Audrey still needs: A Flask, A Dinner Gong (or bell)

4. Fundraiser Updates--was extended through this week

Atlantic Region Credit Union will not be sponsoring us to the extend they have starting next year. We will need to think about soliciting major sponsors, perhaps inviting businesses to sponsor on a tiered level with the top tier spot earning a place on the poster.

Clynk bag fundraiser--keep it up!

5. Communication

    1. NY Trip--The deadline for deposits are this week. A couple of more adults can go. We need at least 25 students and 4-5 adults.
    2. Cast Party--Nov. 25 (evening through midnight-ish)
    3. Audrey’s Thoughts and Requests: Things are moving along well.
    4. November Meeting Changed:

Next Meeting: Oct 21, Nov 3, Dec 8

    1. Discussion about fundraising brought up some ideas such as Sally Foster year round and other possibilities perhaps involving kids at different times other than during the play season. Discussion about communication brought up sending more emails more often (even with repeat information).