Booster Meeting, February 27th, 2018

Post date: Mar 2, 2018 12:35:25 PM

Drama Booster Meeting Notes

February 27, 2018

Attendance: Kathleen Follett, Liz Rollins, Ramona Panici, Dan Panici, Lisa Gove, Carrie Burnsteel, Krissy Brown, Rebecca Chandler, Brenda Clark, John Hankinson, Julie Otte, Patricia Neuville, Keith Bubblo, Erin Farnham, Heather Giandrea

* Present requested that Greely Theatre By-Laws be emailed to them for review.

* Although not present, by-laws were also emailed to: Mary McDonald, Michelle Josephson, Andrea Murray

Fall Haunted Woods Fundraiser:

  • Location - Twin Brooks (Greely Road side)
  • Date: October 27th (Saturday before Halloween); rain date: Sunday, October 28th - time TBD
  • Already on the Cumberland Town Calendar

Greely Drama Booster open positions: Secretary, Social Media/Webmaster

  • Ask incoming Freshman parents about interest in open positions
  • Current position holders - make handbooks for those taking over positions

Audrey & Dane Northway Scholarship Fund:

  • Scholarship committee should have at least 3 members (Molly Washo brought this up) and meet at least twice after the application deadline to select recipient.
  • Scholarship details:
    • Criteria: Graduating senior who plans to pursue education in Performing Arts (theater and/or music).
    • Applications begin March 1st of year that scholarship is awarded (deadline: TBD)
    • Scholarship is one-time award and proof of Fall registration must be provided.
    • 2018 award will most likely be $500.00 instead of $1,000.00
  • $1,800.00 in Vanguard was donation from funds raised to support original PAC effort that was voted down
    • In 2017, $1,000.00 was awarded to Nic Kurlanski (first recipient)
    • $800.00 was deposited to Atlantic FCU savings account
  • Proposal for funding Scholarship account (Motion: Julie Otte, Second: John Hankinson, passed with 10 votes)
    • Transfer $1000.00 from Vanguard to Atlantic FCU savings account (to get started)
    • Deposit Clynk money from bottle donations to the scholarship fund each quarter
      • Fundraising idea: Resurrect bottle drives (We have done them before but stopped due to lack of time, interest, etc.)
    • Greely Drama Boosters - donate $500.00 to Atlantic FCU savings account
    • Transfer $1,000.00 back into Vanguard account after scholarship fund becomes self-sustaining (to pay ourselves back)

PAC - Vanguard (approx. $18,000 balance) will fund necessities after PAC is open. Current thought is that PAC will be “bare bones”and may need some extras.

Robinhood show dates/times: March 22-24 at 7:00 pm and March 25 at 2:00 pm

Boosters will not meet again before the play. Will meet in early April to recap (what went well, what could have gone better)

Cash Box Procedures:

  • $250.00 petty cash to start (ticket sales and concessions)
  • Instead of cash boxes going home with Boosters each night, they will remain at the high school and locked in the office by staff.
  • Office staff will need to unlock office and retrieve cash boxes 3 hours prior to shows for ticket sales.
  • Ticket sales will be during lunches and 4:00 - 7:00 on show nights (Thurs - Sat); 11:00 - 2:00 pm on Sunday matinee.
  • Concessions money goes to Greely Drama Boosters; Ticket Sales money goes to the School Account (Student Activity Fund minus $250.00 for petty cash)

Workshop Day for Teachers (3/16, no school) - Kids will need to bring picnic lunch to rehearsal

Cast Party - Burnsteels will host (Thank you!)

Senior Sendoff - Still interested in planning and funding this?

Volunteer Coordinator To-Dos (Kathleen Follett):

  • Started Volunteer Sign-Up Genius - For some reason history was gone and needs to recreate. Working on getting it up and running soon.
    • Potluck Lunch for Tech Rehearsal (3/18, 12:00 - 1:00 pm) - Volunteer Coordinator will create and send out sign up list for food donations
        • Process similar to Thanksgiving dinner (Google Drive Spreadsheet - ask Emily Pershing for help)

Ad Coordinator To-Dos (Lisa Gove):

  • Postcards:
    • In the Fall, send postcards to inform past advertisers that musical will be in the Spring at PAC
    • Liz Rollins will provide pictures for postcards
    • Postcards can be printed inexpensively at XPress Copy in Portland (approx. $50.00)
  • Lakeside Archery - Liz asked if they might want to sponsor the show. Lisa Gove will check with them to see if possible.
  • One-liners only need to be coordinated for Spring program
  • Family Ads - Although it was discussed that these were needed for Spring show; after further research - no family ads needed for Spring program
  • When to one-liners need to be in for program printing
  • Kathleen Follett will provide passwords for advertising Google accounts to Lisa Gove

Greely Theatre By-Laws (Heather Giandrea):

  • Filed with IRS last year but need to resubmit for 501(c)3 status because it is has lapsed. Patti Neuville will work on this and report back to Boosters.
  • Heather has updated By-Laws (last written in 1998) for 2018 and will send out to Boosters for review and comment.
    • Definition: Board of Directors - Minimum of 3; Maximum of 15
    • Definition: Officers (5): President, Vice President, Secretary, Co-Treasurers (2) - Office term: 1 year (beginning late summer through end of school year)
    • Definition: Members - Anyone who has a child that is currently involved in Greely Drama
      • Mandatory bi-annual meetings of membership (parents) - twice a year in September and January

Treasurer’s Report (Patti Neuville):

  • Patti presented: Financial Summary (account balances, net gains/losses, capital account); Average Monthly Cash Balance Checking Acct (2015-2018)
  • Robinhood is inexpensive to produce; no royalties need to be paid (per Liz Rollins)
  • File with State of Maine ($25.0o annually): Directors/New Officers - Patti needs contact info for filing
  • John Hankinson proposed purchase of projectors for advertisers (Scarborough HS does this)

Liz’s Report:

  • Julie Otte requested an updated list of actors from Liz.
  • Pat’s Pizza tradition Friday night after show - Call 2 days before to notify them. Please remind kids to TIP wait staff (Important!)
  • Denny’s tradition (Seniors?) Saturday night after show - Liz stressed that this is not a good idea because kids are too tired for Sunday performance. Should do away with it.
  • Show going well: Great, creative process - Scenes have been written, music has been added, jokes have been included. Many modern references included.
  • Tech crew - built tree with treehouse/loft, birch trees, waterfall, castle
  • No more changes to script before vacation started. Cast is off-book on March 1st.
  • Costumes should require LESS ironing (yay!)
  • Liz is holding Greely Middle School drama classes - going well (started with 60 students, now down to 30). Auditions will be held week after Robinhood.
  • Greely Drama Welcome Day
    • Middle school students are invited to rehearsal on 3/14 to get a sneak peek at the show. Will also have a chance to see Tech Crew in action.
  • Can we get a list of Middle School Parent Volunteers (email addresses)? Will kids be interested in volunteering?
  • Julie Otte asked about receipt of NBC Grant - Word from Ashley is that it does not seem feasible due to town economics

Next Meeting - Tuesday, April 1oth at 6:30pm