Booster Meeting: Tuesday, October 10th, 2017

Post date: Oct 11, 2017 8:07:11 PM

Greely Drama Booster Meeting Minutes

October 10, 2017


In attendance: Krissy Brown, Lisa Gove, Rebecca Chandler, John Hankinson, Michelle Josephson, Brenda Clark, Liz Rollins, Ramona Panici, Julie Otte, Andrea Murray Campo, Scott Kaplan, Mary McDonald, Carrie Burnsteel, Kevin Burnsteel, Patti Neuville, Kathleen Follett


Liz’s Corner: Needs - large tropical and/or banana plants. It was suggested that we could rent the plants or borrow from a plant store. Michelle will check with the church to see if they have something suitable to borrow.

Volunteer Needs: Kevin and Liz are in need of help with painting sets - please come by on Saturdays from 9-3 if you can lend a hand. Liz also says they have a need for people who can do hair in the styles of the 40’s. Lisa Gove suggested checking with Empire hair school. Rebecca Chandler offered to help. Liz also mentioned that they are accepting donations of gently used or new make-up if anyone knows of anyone looking to get rid of some make-up!

Thanksgiving Dinner- it is agreed that last year’s Thanksgiving Dinner was a hit and we would like to do it again. Kathleen will e-mail Emily Pershing to look into planning. Kevin and Carrie Burnsteel will be kept in the loop.

Kathleen Follett’s Posse

Volunteer website is up and running. It can be accessed from the Greely Drama Website. Kathleen will send out an e-mail shortly with a link to the website. Ironing hours for Sunday will need to be changed to 10:30-12:30.

Clynk bags - we have more clynk bags. If anyone wants any or knows of someplace we can distribute them, please contact Kathleen ( Kathleen will look into getting the boxes from Clynk that we can use at the concession and backstage for collecting water bottles.

Patti Neuville Moneybags

We can give deposits to either Patti, Julie or mail to the P.O. Box.

2 recent deposits were made, one from the ongoing Mixed Bags fundraiser, the second from ad sales.

A question about Nik Kurlanski’s scholarship came up. We have not made payment to Nik, and need to do that soon. The money for the scholarship comes from the Vanguard account. Brenda will get the information to Patti who will then send the payment.

There was a discussion about the reason we have two accounts for Drama - one held with the school, the other held with the boosters. The ticket sales go to the school and Kevin and Liz are reimbursed from the school. It is a basic school and booster structure. Is this still the best policy? Have things changed so that these policies are outdated.

Brenda’s Sewing Table

There are a lot of costumes that need to be made because of the number of girls who wear matching costumes, ie band members, and chorus girls. Because of this, sewing volunteers are needed.

Andrea’s Publicity Hound:

The poster has been approved and will need detailed information added.

Liz and Andrea will review the write up that went into the summer Rec. Program and use that if it is appropriate. It was mentioned that Amelia Greenlee’s father would be a good contact person at the Portland Press Herald. Newspapers will print a photo if they receive them early enough. Liz will have some promo photos taken by next week and get them to Andrea.

Ad Sales Update- Lisa Gove - Food Stop is our Curtain Raiser!!! This is wonderful news!! Please support our Curtain Raiser.

The ad spreadsheet does not seem to represent the true sales of ads. Lisa questioned if it is being updated and if it reflects the current sales figures. Someone will follow up with Tim Farnham on his ad.

Cast Party - we need a home to host the cast party. Kathleen will add it to the volunteer sign ups on the Sign Up website.

Lockers - Michelle reminded us that the students need to give her their locker number if they want the goodie bag before the show.

Strike - we need volunteers to help with strike. It is a fun way to wrap the show…. Volunteers should bring star bits if they have them.

Family Ads - Patti will make a new spreadsheet for Julie to organize the family ad sales

Playbill Printing - Greg Pershing is creating the playbill. Can we find a younger student to work with him so they can take if over next year? Can we get one of the art teachers on board to help or oversee this? We need people to proofread. It was decided that we should create a proofreader’s checklist to make sure we remember the details of what to look for when proofreading.

The Playbill will be printed at Xpress Copy and will be dropped off Friday to be picked up the Wednesday before the show.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, October 24th, 6:30