Booster Meeting: Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

Post date: Sep 21, 2017 9:45:51 PM

Greely Drama 9/19/17

Liz, Julie, Kathleen, Andrea, John, Emily

Schedule room in future (not band room)

Not on Sundays? Have to check about this.

Parent open house in band room (Sunday, Sept. 24th, 7:00pm). Mandatory for all drama parents. Liz has emails.




Webmaster? (with Emily)

Cast celebrations

Treasurer (with Patti)

Box office (to act with Andrea)

Kids can do publicity under supervision

Student jobs?

Graphic designer


Could a student come to each meeting? Are there secrets we don’t want them to hear?

Tickets will be $8 and $10 again

Fundraising ideas?


Sign up sheet for Booster jobs

New website host?

Link to Facebook for automatic updates (Liz’s account)

Performance dates: November 16, 17, 18, 19

Ad deadline: coordinate with Gregory? Two weeks before printing. Let’s start with Friday 13th and see how it goes

Ad sign-up for parent night?

Who has sold ads before?

Groundbreaking for the PAC (October 2nd) 4-5:00pm

Jazz, Mads, Spoken word quotes. Will be great!

Julie gone Nov 11-14

Who has posters from last year?

Prop or costume needs? Wishlist will be posted on website when available

Sponsors? We will ask last year's sponsors first. They're still advertised on the website

Kath: remember picture board for parent night

Next meeting October 10th, 6:30pm