Boosters/Parents meeting 9/23/14

Post date: Sep 24, 2014 11:56:37 AM

Greely has two-show program with a Broadway musical with an ensemble cast in the Fall and a straight show in the spring. One of our traditions is the dinner theater in the spring. We have senior send-off in June and this is funded (senior costs) by the boosters. The boosters is a critical part of funding the shows and traditions of the drama program, especially the musical, which costs over $12,000. Volunteers on all levels is needed and welcomed. Occasionally there is a bigger trip planned for the students, and this year is one of those years. This year February vacation. Thursday (early am) through Friday night. The boosters has in the past subsidized the cost of the bus, but tickets to shows and hotel can be pricey. Audrey’s goal is to keep the cost around $400/participant.

If your student intends to participate, deposits will be due in October.

Bag Fundraiser: Marjorie Ferris will be organizing this again this year. Students who sell

beyond $100 worth of merchandise can use extra sale money to cover expenses for the NYC

trip. Orders will be due October 15. Please remind your kids to sell the bays.

Props: tea cart (Tara), an old-fashioned orange life jacket (Connie Russell), old camera, a

small dog, a dinner gong (Karen maybe), vodka bottle and a champagne bottle, a Yale mascot stuffed bull-dog, an empty violin case (Nancy)

Need a South Portland pick up close to the show (Emily P.)

THIS Sunday, Les Miserables is playing at … If a parent (or students) would like to

organize a group to go, Audrey encourages getting the word out.

The Calendar

Send Audrey an email if there are any questions at any time.

There is no rehearsal on Columbus Day, but there is on Tuesday after CD (a no-school day)

There is rehearsal on Veteran’s Day, which is on Tuesday this year.

    1. Overview of the Boosters Roles: Welcome by Molly Washo, President
    2. Secretary’s Report
    3. Treasurer’s Report
    4. Advertising Report
    5. Open Positions

Publicity Coordinator

Apprentice Treasurer

Ad Sales Coordinator -- Fall only. An apprentice needed this year to take over 2015-2016. This is a coordinator who keeps tracks of add sought and adds sold, will let treasurer know when money comes in, and keeps track of ad information as it arrives (also communicates with program designers).

Dinner Theater Coordinators-- Spring Only. Apprentice needed this year to take over in 2016).

    1. Other fundraisers: Clynk Bags (have students drop by Ms. Northway’s room to pick up bags); Wal-mart donation (Beth Baldacci)

Volunteers Needed:

Business Ad Sales Please consider joining the Ad Sales Team. The team will provide everything you need to be successful with your solicitations (usually through email). We generally raise $4,000-$5,000 through the program, so it is critical that this booster effort remains strong.

Costume/Sewing (Brenda Clark)

Tech Rehearsal (Emily Pershing)

Locker Decorating (Beth Baldacci)

Box Office (Mary George)

Concessions (Tara Hill)

Cast Celebration (Emily Pershing): Cast Party Host Needed!

Thank you cards

2 Parent Volunteers to keep kids in front quiet

    1. FAMILY ADS are due Oct 15. IF YOU NEED HELP CREATING THE AD, Please contact the program designers by Oct. 1
    2. Next Meeting: Oct 21, Nov 10, Dec 8
    3. Meeting Adjourned: 7:40 pm