Greely Drama Booster Meeting, Sept. 12th, 2016

Post date: Sep 15, 2016 9:09:51 PM

Greely Drama Booster Meeting, Sept. 12th, 2016

GHS Room 151

In attendance: Molly Washo, Laurie Logan, Connie Russell, Sue Williams, Kathleen Follett, Andrea Campo, Emily Pershing.

Theme of the meeting: what can we cut from the Booster’s responsibilities? Dwindling membership overall, current members are overwhelmed.

Jon Swaney would like to pass Treasurer job along now that Allie has graduated. He will stay on board to help the new treasurer.

—the job is very easy and does not require fancy software.

—Microsoft Excel is plenty.

—it’s pretty much just keeping track of the income and expenses of each show.

—the finances are in very good shape.

Which sources of revenue are not working?

New York City trip was tough. Perhaps this will not happen again. It will depend

a lot on Liz and her priorities. We’ll revisit this in the future.

The Mixed Bag Sale can be cut back to a minimum to save Connie some time.

—keep the online sales running (low maintenance)

—promote the online sales in the program

—probably the same code as last year, so we’ll leave everything up on the

website and Connie will pass along updates from the company rep.

Email communication with the drama community needs to be more reliable. Liz’s method of collecting emails electronically will help.

Senior Coordinator” title is awkward. Implies involvement only with the seniors. We discussed options like “President” and “Chair Person.” President was the favorite because it’s already int he email address. This will be up to Molly.

The President and Communications jobs are now merged.

Here are the current coordinator jobs and who’s filling them:

President and Communications Coordinator: Molly

Treasurer: Jon Swaney (until a replacement is found)

Graphic Design: The kids typically do this with mild supervision. Aidan?

Concessions: Kathleen

Publicity: Liz would like to turn most of this over to the kids, so this position

might dissolve.

Box Office: Andrea

Tech Rehearsal: Emily

Ad Sales: Laurie

Costumes: Brenda? We forgot to email her!!! Ack!!!!

Locker Decoration: Michelle Josephson (?)

Cast Celebrations: Emily (plus the family that is hosting the party)

Webmaster: Emily

And then Dinner Theater. What to do about that?

—not making a lot of money

—takes TONS of time

—taking time away from other year-long jobs that need to be filled

—Liz does not have strong feelings

—how do the kids feel?

—>we threw around the idea of turning this into a Dessert Theater! This would simplify the jobs but still create a special evening for the kids—and a way to sell more tickets to the spring show. Everyone seems excited about this option, at least as we transition with Liz and head towards a PAC.

We also discussed the idea of a Senior Night for the spring show. This would occur on Thursday and be an attempt to boost ticket sales. Include some kind of food or gimmick to make it fun.

Liz is considering some new things including the one act play competition and the possibility of a winter show instead of the rushed timeframe of the fall show.

Business ad streamlining:

—can there be a blind copy email sent out? Laurie emphasized the need for

personal contact, at least int he follow-up. Initial contact can be a blind copy, but

we need people to make those calls.

—deadlines need to be clear

—Laurie proposed a list of donors at the open house so that new Boosters can add

names they think of.

Ticket prices: we are all in agreement that the new prices should be $10 for general admission and $8 for students and seniors. For both shows.

—Audrey and Dane should get in free forever

Concessions Sales:

—we talked about noise control. How to keep audience from crinkling bottles and

wrappers during the show? Increase intermission and make an announcement

about noise. Perhaps forbid food in the theater?

—Kathleen proposed eliminating rose sales in favor of a separate water table. The

rose sales are poor. Also, many people have to stand in the long food line even if

they only want water.

We talked a little bit about trying to understand the split finances of the Boosters (school account vs Boosters account) but there is not a good understanding of this system.

Last topic: how to get people to come to the open house and sign up for jobs?

—big sign-up poster on wall (for coordinator jobs)

—flyer handed out to the kids to take home

—invite the kids to come along, too (and bring parents?). This idea was not


—Call it the “Director’s Meeting”

—make it mandatory for kids’ participation?