Booster Meeting: September 24th, 2017

Post date: Sep 25, 2017 12:52:05 AM

Greely Drama 9/24/17

Liz introduction and wish list:

Several kitchen utensils (clean)


Bible (hardcover) and old books

Lunch plates, silverware, water glasses (for 4)

Cheesecake, doughnuts, sandwiches

real red carnations (15 per show)

Dice (small and large)

Fancy cocktail glasses (6)

Flameless candles

Smoke machines

2 small doors (20”-24” wide)

Wooden benches 4-6 ft

Wire trash bin (large, like on the streets of NY)

Wooden bookcase (about 36”-48” tall or wide)

Large (fake) plants—tropical?


Costumes 1940s-1950s

Men's suits and fedoras (any pinstripe/double breasted/vests)

Wingtip or two-toned men's shoes

Women’s shoes and hats/character shoes

Furs, purses, gloves, jewelry, etc.

Clothing steamer


Additional request: anything pertinent to 1950 for inspiration for the set would be great

PAC will need tools for the scene shop. Table saw is the most important

Also, any kids in tech who want to work with power tools need to have a permission slip signed.

Don't have a permission slip? Please email Kevin or perhaps have your student check their inbox

Michelle: please make sure we have your child’s locker number for locker decoration night

Julie: The show will be November 16, 17, 18 (at 7:00), and 19 (at 2:00)

Volunteer needs:

We're looking for a lot of volunteers to team up with current Boosters, this way we'll have people to take over next year

co-treasurer (to work with Patti): ?

co-box office (to work with Andrea): Mary McDonald volunteered! Thank you, Mary!

Ad sales are a big deal—please let us know if you can help at any level

October 20th is the deadline to submit ads

Wendy offered to help. Thank you, Wendy!

Brenda: need people to come for 3 hours before every show to iron

Volunteer Spot will have slots for all jobs, including ironing

Sewing is also a very useful skill, and we need outfits for all of the dancers, plus Adelaide

Question: How much do sponsorships and ads cost?

Showstopper is $1,000

Curtain Raiser $400

Encore Presenter $250

Mr. Farnham: volunteered to strike the set and his company will purchase an ad $250 (Encore). Thank you, Tim!!

Question: how much money do the Boosters need to earn?

School pays for nothing

Ticket sales go back to the school

Ad sales and concessions (and extra fundraising) go directly to Boosters

Kathleen: we have been able to get away without aggressive fundraising for the last few years, but with the PAC this will probably change in the near future.

We have several background campaigns like Clynk and Mixed Bag

Northway Scholarship costs $1,000 per year, but there isn’t enough to give this out again

Brenda: what if the Clynk bag funds (~$500 per year) were directly applied to the Northway Scholarship?

Kids have to apply for the scholarship and it helps someone going to college for the performing arts

The general response here was positive

Kathleen: will set up the new online sign-up sheet this week. Remember—you don’t have to pick one thing! Pick lots! :)

Brenda: request for concessions that are not noisy. No crinkly wrappers!

Kevin Burnsteel asked: Thanksgiving lunch again this year? Liz: Yes.

John: this doesn’t happen without parents being involved. Please come to meetings.

Emily: I'll email Laurie to see if she has the posters from last year

*Small group met at the front to further discuss ad sales.

PAC groundbreaking: 4-5:00pm on October 2nd

Next Booster Meeting: Tuesday October 10th at 6:30 in room 151 (we hope)