2014 February 6

Post date: Feb 9, 2014 8:05:10 PM

Present: Tara Hill, Barb Armstrong, Emily Pershing, Pam Rowe, MJ Dedon, Sally Somes, Brenda Clark, Molly Washo, Sarah Holman, Joan Guild,

Audrey Northway

1. 7:07 Call to Order

2. Secretary’s Report from December was accepted.

3. Treasurer’s Report from Pam Rowe was accepted.

    • Will do the State filing for our 501-c

4. Legally Blonde follow up.

    • Thank you notes went to our advertisers.

5. Fundraiser at Food Stop on Mondays and Tuesdays in March!

    • We would love a volunteer to run the publicity (get the school to send an email).
    • We are looking for the sandwich board.

6. 8th Grade Transition Night on February 11, 6-7 pm

    • Some students will be present.
    • Boosters will provide information at the table.

7. Spoon River Anthology

    • Show will be March 20, 21, 22
    • Dinner Theater is on March 22.
      • Mike Tardiff (former parent and chef of the new restaurant in Cumberland) is the chef for the meal.
      • Barb Armstrong is in charge of selling the tickets (reservation only seating)
      • This is Greely’s 15th Annual Dinner Theater!!

8. Audrey’s Remarks

    • Spoon River Anthology is adapted from a poem. It is not a musical, but it does include solos and duets from the period (1865-1900). There is a cast of 22 who create 76 characters. Characters from a small Midwestern town come back to life to tell their stories.
    • Head Shots--Ray Coyle will be providing his photographic services again this spring. He gives Audrey a black and white photo. The studio owns the image and might reproduce the image on a flyer. Parents will receive a free color photo at a later date and can purchase additional photographs if they would like. Permission slips were given to students tonight. Entire cast, musicians, and senior crew members (about 40 total) will have their head shots taken on Thursday, Feb. 13 at 3:30.

9. Audrey’s Requests

    • We need a bench such as a gardener’s bench.Weathered is good. In stained or lightly stained wood . Should be about 6 ft. long. and a small metal flask.
    • We need a potted red geranium.

10. Brenda will need about 3 somewhat experienced sewers to help with Civil War era clothes. We will need an ironing crew of four on night of the shows, 3-5 on Thursday and Friday, 2-4pm on night of the dinner theater.

11. Program:

There are three student program designers: Tristan and Kaitlyn will be the primary program designers. Dare will be involved with program and set.

12. Tech rehearsal March 16.

13. Beth B. is on locker decorating. We will need more

14 Dinner Theater-- Pam Rowe and Beth Ramseyer are in charge this year.

Volunteers Are Needed:

8-10 volunteers for the dinner committee

4 volunteers for Food Prep, 12:30-3:45pm on day of dinner theater.

8 servers/cleaners for the crew dinner, 3:45-7:30

2 drink servers for the crew dinner, 3:45-7:30

8 volunteers for clean up crew, through 11 pm

Other Volunteers:

1 other volunteer for the menu committee

1 to help find those willing to donate food or other goods

15. Ticket Sales for Dinner Theater will 16. Cast Party TBA. Possibly Saturday night after cleanup or another day.

8 pm on March 3.

16. Cast Party: Sunday 4-9pm

17. Next Meeting on March 3 at 7pm.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:18 pm