Greely Drama Boosters Meeting Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Post date: Feb 3, 2016 8:50:25 PM

Present: Audrey Northway, Joan Guild, Jon Swaney, Emily Pershing, Heather Nicolau, Molly Washo, Andrea Murray Campo, Connie Russell, Brenda Clark, Kathleen Follett, Celest Emery

1. Call to Order: 7:05pm

2. Secretary’s Report: Approved December 2015’s meeting

3. Treasurer’s Report:

    1. Report given by Jon Swaney and approved.
    2. The Greely Drama Program is grateful to accept donations given to the Jon
      1. Rolfe Scholarship, which was established in memory of Jon Rolfe, ‘88 GHS
      2. drama program graduate, to support Greely Drama.

4. Fundraisers:

    1. Pizza Fundraiser at Food Stop will take place Mondays and Tuesdays in March. Andrea will advertise on the Cumberland on-line community site.
    2. Mixed Bag Fundraiser: On-line sales only this spring

5. 8th Grade Night: Tuesday, February 9

6. Learned Ladies

    1. Audrey’s Overview: Rehearsals have begun. This translation is a modern adaptation set in 20th century France. The set design is art deco. The play is in rhyme.
    2. Program:
    3. i. Student Designers: Kaitlyn Megathlin, Ibrahim Safeh, ...
      1. i i . Deadline for one-liners: February 26
    4. Posters:
    5. Tech Rehearsal -- tentative Saturday 12
    6. Head Shots: February 23. ​Ray Coyle, a local photographer will be taking
      1. headshots of all cast members and senior crew members.
    7. Dinner Theater: March 19, 2016. Andrea Murray and Sue Williams will be
      1. co-coordinators for the event.
        1. Menu Committee: _________________
        2. Vegetarian Cooks:
        3. Table Decorating: Emily P.
        4. Reservations/Seating Plan: Laurie L.
        5. Kitchen Food Prep: Connie Russell
        6. Kitchen Staff:_________________
        7. Kitchen Clean-up: ____________
        8. 2 Beverage people: _____________, ________________
        9. Recycling: Sue Pynchon
        10. Dining Room Set Up: Heather N.
        11. Dessert Set-up: __________________
          1. Dining Room Clean UP : ________________
      2. 7. Audrey’s Thoughts and Requests:
      3. a. Requests: star charts, big old books, old-fashioned palette, man’s painting smock, wooden easel, busts of famous people, a gong (brass dinner gong), unique paintings, leather notebooks, sculptures, shelves, saffron robe or saffron sheet for the Buddhist monk, poofs (round ottomans, small ones)
      4. 8. Cast Party: Saturday, March 19
      5. 9. Next Meeting: February 29.