2013 February 4

Post date: Mar 10, 2013 2:11:47 PM

Greely Drama Boosters Meeting

February 4, 2013

Present: Tara Hill, Brenda Clark, Marjorie Ferris, Stacey Collins, Beth Ramseyer, Pam Rowe, Nita Dehais, Mary C. George, Karen Gallati, Sally Somes, Emily Pershing, Ally’s dad, Celeste Emery, Bob Swaney, Barb Armstrong, Karen Morrison, and Audrey Northway.

1. Call to Order 7:03

2. Approval of Boosters Meeting Minutes 12/3/12

3. Treasurer’s Report:

Nita Dehais reported that we are still waiting for 2-3 outstanding checks. Marjorie will follow up

Ad Sales were down, but Bag Sale was new and boosted income

Pam: Error in Set Construction number will bring us to about $1200 in the black

Will send out corrected report

4. Food Stop Fundraiser: Will be in March. 50% of profit of pizza sales on Mondays and Tuesdays through the month of March. Eat Pizza!

Stacey will bring sandwich board to help advertise.

Sally Somes will help advertise with flyers and announcements.

5. Thursday, February 7 is 8th Grade Night. Tara will print out flyers with drama information for the Drama table.

6. Spring Production News: Audrey’s Report

March 21, 22, 23

Incognito, a murder mystery that takes place on cruise ship during World War 2.

Ray Coyle Photography: On Thursday, February 14, Ray will take head shots of senior crew members and the cast. This is a great service as the photos are used to advertise the play this spring and then the pictures are also used for the program in the future. Parents need to give permission for Ray to use the image of your child on some advertising. (No obligation) The benefit is that parents can keep the 8x10 photograph.

Needed: Magazines from late 30s/early 40’s, nautical charts, an older map of the world (1930s), navigational stuff (will be building an auxiliary radio control room with meters, gauges, etc.),

Sweat Shirt order forms need to be in by Friday, February 8. Please have students pick up forms in Mrs. Northway’s room if interested.

7. Concessions report: MJ Dedon MJ will send out email with link to spreadsheet for volunteer sign-ups.

8. Programs: Stacey Collins

No ads and no parent ads in spring show. We will run Atlantic Credit Union ad, and Stacey and Audrey will coordinate information regarding materials.

9. Advertising: Sally Somes will send out a call to help advertise when

10. Mary: Ticket Sales

11. Locker Decorating: If needed, Emily Pershing can help again. Tara will contact Beth to see if she is coordinating for next

12. Saving Seats: Would like to have some communication regarding fairness in our first come/first serve policy. Tickets and sign will have a short blurb to encourage respect for all who wait in line for seating. Communications committee will mention this in emails as we get closer to the play. The goal is to make people aware of abuse of saving too many seats for large groups of family and friends. Saving seats for elderly grandparents is still encouraged.

13. Dinner Theater: Veronica Routh.

We need volunteers to work with Veronica this year to see that this great night runs smoothly in the future. Pam Rowe will apprentice.

Mike Tardiff is our amazing volunteer chef. Our menu is organized by the menu committee.

Need volunteers to join the menu planning committee.

Vegetarian option is made by the menu planning.

Volunteers needed for Table Decorations Committee. Emily Pershing will lead.

Day of the Show: Volunteers needed for Set-up and food prep. Starts around 11 am on the day of the show.

Wait Staff Management/Veronica: Need about 8 volunteers.

Dessert: All families send in a dessert for the buffet table.

Clean-up: Everyone. Need to give this attention.


Tickets: Advance registration and table assignments: 160 max for tickets/will go on sale on March 5. Barb Armstrong is the ticket coordinator for Dinner Theater.

14. Costumes: Brenda Clark

15. Cast Party: At the Hill’s House. After the show on Saturday night.

16. Tara will not be the Booster’s Coordinator next year, so we need an apprentice. Please let Tara know if you are interested.

17. Communications: Karent Gallati will send out email on Thursday. Please let her know if you have announcements and/or calls for volunteers.

18. Tech Rehearsal: March 16 Need Volunteer for Coordinator

Meeting Adjourned: 8:30 pm