Greely Drama Boosters Meeting, October 13th, 2015

Post date: Oct 14, 2015 12:33:00 PM

Greely Drama Boosters

October 13, 2015 Meeting

    1. Call to Order 7:05

In attendance: Audrey Northway, Connie Russell, Molly Washo, Sue Williams, Laurie Logan, Brenda Clark, Heather Nicolau, Tara Hill, Jon Swaney, Sue Pynchon, Emily Pershing, Celeste Emery, Randy Braley, Michelle Josephson, Mary Charlesworth, Andrea Murray

    1. Secretary’s Report from our meeting on September 24, 2015 was accepted.
    2. Treasurer’s Report was given by Jon Swaney. There was some discussion about our non-profit status. Jon will research the benefits of continuing as a 503c organization.
    3. Advertising Report was given by Laurie Logan. Family Ads are due OCTOBER 14.
    4. Fundraising:
      1. Fall bag fundraiser: Keep selling bags. Encourage your students to sell. Forms are due October 30.
      2. Clynk: Celeste Emery passed around bags. Students can pick up green bags in Ms. Northway’s room if they need more.
    5. Fall Production: Into the Woods

Volunteers Update:

Audrey’s Update

Prop Needs:

a three-legged milking stool

small birds

golden eggs

old bread

wooden pizza paddle

7. Sign up for reserved seating soon. See Volunteer Spot link on our Greely Drama Boosters website.

Next Meeting will be Monday, November 9